Saturday, 19 May 2007

Lisbon Airport to Lagoa

Lagoa is 60km from Faro.

There is no Metro or Rail Link from Lisbon Airport at present although one is under construction.

One is restricted to buses or taxis(which are pretty cheap.)

There are various options to get from Lisbon Airport to Lagoa:


Take a taxi or 41 bus from Lisbon Airport to Gare de Oriente train/bus station. (About 5-10 minutes from the Airport)

There is no train station at Lagoa.

Nearest Station is Estombar but unless you arrange a taxi or car to meet you, you will be stuck as it is now just a halt with no ticket office nor facilities.

I suggest therefore Train from Gare de Oriente to Tunes and there change for the Algarve Line to Portimão.

In Portimão take a taxi to your destination.

Make sure that you have the full physical address of the location of the timeshare written down as otherwise the cab driver may not know where to go.

Warning late in the evening there may be no taxis at Portimao station.


RENEX operates regular bus services from Lisbon Gare de Oriente to Lagoa via Val Paraiso. There are usually a couple of cabs hanging around Lagoa bus station but not always especially at night.

EVA Transportes operates regular bus services from Lisbon Sete Rios direct to Lagoa. Again caution applies on Taxis.


There is 4 lane highways all the way from Lisbon Airport to Lagoa.
Be advised that section from the Vasco da Gama bridge to Paderne in the Algarve (250 km) is tollway.

As with all of continental Euope we drive on the right with steering on the left. Note that most rental cars are manual shift/drive. Automatics if available attract a premium.

From Lisbon Airport you follow the signs for the Vasco da Gama Bridge. From there you cross the Tejo and follow the signs for the Algarve. Once through the toll plaza at Paderne you will meet the A22 motorway that runs the length of the Algarve. Bear right towards Portimao and Lagos. After 40km and just after passing a GALP service area you will see the off ramp marked Lagoa. At the top of the ramp bear left and follow the local signs for Lagoa.

Transit time with stop and clear traffic: 2:45 min.


A final option would be to fly from Lisbon to Faro International Airport (the airport for the Algarve) and then get a taxi or private transfer to Lagoa. TAP Air Portugal operate the route 4 times daily.

Taxis from Faro Int'l Airport to Lagoa cost in the area of € 53.00 to €63.00.

Have a look at the following sites for more info: