Sunday, 3 June 2007

Holiday Hell

(This is a reply I posted to Tripadvisor in response to a winge about the lack tacky holiday culture on Madeira posted on TripAdvisor.)

Well said all who have replied!

It fascinates me the range of people world-wide that visit and use Tripadvisor.

The Economist Magazine last week had an article about domineering brides to be in the USA - the article was entitled "Bridezillas"

I think a lot of people are "TripZillas" when it comes to travel.

One thing is for sure there are are a considerable number who really have no interest in their destination - they want it to be "right for them" or else it's all wrong.

Worse still,, these people can't even be bothered to properly research their destinations by doing a web or forum search to view past comments. The number of times I see a question repeated, that has been answered only a few days before, is astounding.

It may be because their comprehension and literacy is so poor that the only words they understand in relation to their vacations are mono, or at best, duosyllabic - viz. sun, sea, s__, party, etc etc etc.

This planet is a wonderful place and travel is great but use travel and vacations to relax and grow wherever you end up!