Saturday, 30 June 2007

Lagos Bike Hire

There are places that hire bikes.

Me thinks that there is a place (sorry, can't remember the name just now!) in the Vasco da Gama centre just behind the Adega da Marina.

Only one problem though - Motel Ancora is about 2,5 kms from town and up a steep hill. Which ever route you take you are going to probably be walking for a good third of the ride. The same applies to getting to and from the nearest beaches - Porto da Mos and Dona Ana.

Remember it will also be hot.

If you don't have a car, there is there is the Nº 14 bus that passes five times a day.

The number 15 also passes nearby but at a distance of about 400m.

Note the are no bus services in the evening.

Nearby to Motel Ancora next to the Torraltinha Tennis Court in the basement you can find Sidecar Motobike Hire. Luis rents out scooters and that may be off use.