Sunday, 6 January 2008

Bus from Pocinho to Guarda

In response to a request, below is a pdf file with the Rede Expressos Bus Services between Pocinho and Guarda in Portugal:

This took a bit of searching.

Rede Expressos offer a service via Celorico Beira.

The timetable is to long to print here.

However, if you shoot over to my blog here:

You will find a png image of the relevant page from the timetable. Note I am not responsible for any changes to or inaccuracies with the timetable, and that certain services only operate on certain days.

The company Rodonorte offers a service via Viseu as follows:

Pocinho - Viseu

Depart: 08:30 Arrive: 10:45
Monday to Friday Only

Depart: 16:15 Arrive: 18:30

Viseu - Guarda

Depart: 10:30 Arrive: 11:20
Monday to Friday Only

Depart: 19:12 Arrive: 20:02
Monday to Friday Only

Depart: 19:15 Arrive: 20:05
Monday to Friday Only

Depart: 22:02 Arrive: 22:52
Sundays Only

Depart: 22:05 Arrive: 22:55

Note that many of these services only operate on school/weekdays.

Based on your requirement to be in Guarda at 20:42
to get the train the Rodonorte service via Viseu seems the best option on weekdays.

Depart: 16:15 Arrive: 18:30
Change Viseu
Depart: 19:12 Arrive: 20:02
Monday to Friday Only

Note however that Rede Expressos operate to Celorico da Beira where the San Sebastian train stops at 20:15. This may offer a better connection.