Saturday, 12 January 2008


During the trip to Lisbon, I had the opportunity to see the premiere of Drakula, a goonesque/pythonesque take on the Count by The Companhia de Chapito, at the Chapitu theatre in the Alfama.

Directed by John Mowat, the performers Jorge Cruz, José Carlos Garcia and Tiago Viegas (Drac himself) had the audience in stitches from 5 minutes into the show until the end. As the production uses much of John Mowat's brilliance in visual communication, anyone who knows the Count Drac story á la Bram Stoker, should enjoy the piece even though dialogue is in Portuguese.

Watch out for the brilliant "echo" round as well as Drac's pet bat. The train and storm scenes are also excellent.

Felicitações Jorge, José Carlos e Tiago!

Well done again, John!

The Companhia de Chapito have again outdone themselves.....

Your fans in Lagos!


Drakula - Sol

Drakula - Sapo

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