Saturday, 12 January 2008

Lisbon News

I have just made a quick 36 hour trip to Lisbon.

Stayed at the Hotel Travel Park on Avenida Almirante Reis near Anjos Metro Station. We arranged a very good deal via AccomLine online which included breakfast. The Hotel has an underground car park as well as unlimited wifi for € 5.00 per 24 hour period.

I can again confirm that it is not advisable to take a car into central Lisbon. There are now an increasing number of 59km sections of main road with radar enforced 50km limits where you get a fine in the post, as well as long stretches or main avenues where you have to go ten blocks before one can do U-turns.

The good news is that finally the stretch of Metro between Baixa-Chiado, Terrero de Paço and St. Apolonia station is now open. Also, something I had not realised is that the upper walkway between the top deck of the Sta. Justa elevator and the Largo de Carmo is finally open after being closed for almost 20 years. This offers easy access to the Chiado area as well as great views of Lisbon.

We were there on one of those few crystal clear winter days when rain had washed the pollution from the air. Views were stunning. Even coming up from the Algarve, the view of Palmela Castle outside Setubal from the motorway was the clearest I have ever seen.

The other bit of news that was announced on the day of the trip was that the Portuguese Government has made a final decision that the new airport for Lisbon is going to be sited at Alcochete on the south bank of the Tejo with completion due for 2017.