Monday, 28 April 2008

New Route - Faro - Paris (Charles de Gaulle)

French Airline Aigle Azur have now announced a weekly scheduled direct flight linking Paris - Charles de Gaulles with Faro. The prices are a bit steep so we will have to see if the service survives.

The flight operates on Saturdays.

La compagnie aérienne française Aigle Azur ont annoncé un vol direct hebdomadaire reliant Paris - Charles de Gaulle à Faro. À mon avis, les prix sont un peu élevé. Il faut voir si le service survit.

Le vol fonctionne le samedi.

Depart Paris CDG: 18:00
Arr Faro: 19:45

Dept Faro: 20:45
Arr: Paris: 00:25

Link here (Plus d'info ici):


Friday, 18 April 2008

Computer Shop in Lagos:

Computer Shop in Lagos:

View Larger Map

Morada: R. Soeiro da Costa, N.º 20 8600-624 Lagos

Telefone: 282 083 552
Fax: 282 083 676

Seg. a Sexta. das 10h às 13h30m e das 15h às 19h30m.
Sábados das 10h às 13h.


Wednesday, 16 April 2008

30º Festival Internacional Música do Algarve - 2008

The Algarve International Music Festival 2008 starts its program on April 25, 2008.

This year's performances include appearances by the Prague Chamber Orchestra and the Stars of the Paris Ballet.

The full program can be found by clicking here.

Jerez la Frontera to Lisbon

There is a long distance coach service that will suit your needs operated by

Here is a extract from the timetable in png format. Click on it to enlarge:

Monday, 14 April 2008

Lisbon to Sagres

There are three main very reasonable ways to get to Sagres from Lisbon, all via Lagos.

1) Rail/Bus

There are several trains a day from Lisbon Gare Oriente or Entrecampos stations via Tunes to Lagos.

Price per ticket one way will be +- € 23.00 per person depending on train

For timetable info, go to my blog at:

Scroll down on the right and you will find at panel entitled:

»» Algarve & Portugal - Travel Transport Links

In this panel look for:

# RENEX Bus Service - Lisbon to Algarve timetable

Click on it to download the timetable in pdf format.

At Lagos, you walkover the marina bridge to the bus station and take a bus to Sagres. These leave on average every 90 minutes during the day.

If you go to my blog at:

You will see a copy of this message with a copy of the current Lagos - Sagres bus Timetable in png format. Click on it and it will enlarge.


Rede Expressos/EVA operate buses throughout the day from Lisbon Sete Rios Bus Station to Lagos. Cost per person circa € 18.00 one way.

I have again placed a copy of the timetable on my blog.Click on it and it will enlarge.

Again from Lagos Bus Station grab a bus to Sagres


RENEX operate buses throughout the day from Lisbon Gare Orients Bus Station to Lagos. Cost per person circa € 18.00 one way.

In Lagos this drops you off at the Repsol Garage and you have a 10 minute walk to the Lagos Bus Station where you can get a bus to Sagres

For timetable info, go to my blog at:

Scroll down on the right and you will find at panel entitled:

»» Algarve & Portugal - Travel Transport Links

In this panel look for:

Portuguese Railways - 2008 - Lisbon - Algarve Faro/Lagos Timetable

Click on it to download the timetable in pdf format.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Seven day winter trip - Lisbon and the South of Portugal

A week is not a lot of time.

You will need at least 2 days if not three in Lisbon as you want to cover the following:

Lisbon Centre (The Baixa)
The Alfama & Castelo São Jorge.
Belem (Tram or train) - Tower of Belem, Jeronimos Monastery
Evening - Bairro Alto

Sintra - Train from Rossio Station (Full morning if not more.)

To the South of Lisbon the following places are worth considering:


Evora (UN world Heritage site)


Lagos - where I live! Great town with a great mix of culture, restaurants, beaches, view and coastline exploring out to Sagres at the most South Westerly part of the Algarve.

To do all the above would require a car and a lot of driving. (Bear in mind to specify automatic shift when renting a car - most hire cars here are manual shift.)

In summary, I would suggest:

Day 1 - 3 - Lisbon
Day 4 - Evora
Day 5 & 6 - Lagos & south west coast
Day 7 back to Lisbon.

No disrespect to Cubsur who has extensive knowledge of the Algarve and Portugal, but I will always prefer Lagos over Albufeira! :::))))

New Summer Routes for Faro

Spotting em Faro, quoting IATA, reports a substantial number of possible new movements through faro this summer including possible reports of Services between Paris and Faro by Aigle Azur and Transavia and from Italy by Volareweb. Click here to read the article in full.

Transavia France ( are showing Faro as a destination on their booking form but with no flights yet from France to Faro.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Lisbon Bordeaux Flights

Sorry to have picked up on this one late!

Easyjet have just launched flights 5 times a week from Lisbon to Lyon.

They also operate Lyon - Bordeaux twice daily.

The connecting times seem to be feasible.

For example on July 14th there is a flight:

Lisbon dep. 12:15, Lyon arr. 15:35

€ 40.99 (today's price)

Lyon dep. 19:20, Bordeaux arr. 20:25

€28.49 (today's price)

Lisbon - Carvoeiro


There are no public transport systems that link Lisbon directly with Carvoeiro in the Algarve.

Essentially, you have two options:

1) Rail

Train from Lisbon Gare Oriente or Entrecampos stations to Portimão (change at Tunes Junction) and then taxi.

2) Long Distance Coach

Both EVA Transportes and Renex operate long distance coach services from Lisbon to Lagoa.

From Lagoa one can get a taxi to Carvoeiro.

For timetables, go to my blog at:

Scroll down on the right until you come to the panel entitled:

Algarve & Portugal - Travel Transport Links

In this panel you can find links to download in pdf format the train timetable from:

# Portuguese Railways - Winter 2007/2008 - Lisbon - Algarve Faro/Lagos Timetable

# RENEX Bus Service - Lisbon Gare Oriente to Algarve timetable

EVA Transportes service from Lisbon Sete Rios Bus Station to Lagoa: (Click on Image to enlarge)

There are buses from both Portimão and Lagoa to Carvoeiro. However, in Portimão the bus terminus is a long way from the station and major bridge works are delaying traffic substantially at present. That is why I recommend taxi.

You can see a full bus timetable on Cubsur's site at:

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Tarifa to Seville

Hire Car would be the quickest, although Seville is not a great place for cars. shows the distance at 206km with a transit time of 2hrs 15mins.

The closest train station is at Algeciras some 20km away from Tarifa and you would have to take a bus to Algeciras.

There is a bus service operated by Transportes Generales Comes that operates from Tarifa to Sevilla four times daily.

You can find the timetable here:

Faro to Monchique

Faro Airport to Monchique is 86km according to

You travel for approx 58km on the A22 motorway in the direction of Lagos and then the last 20km on a national road.

The last 10kms is windy.

In July it will not get dark till after 21:00 so you should be OK.

However, make sure you have a very detailed map as
to where you are going in Monchique as it can be difficult to finds places there.

Seville to Salema - Winter Sunday Pt II

You will be able to buy the tickets for the leg from Seville to Faro at the ticket booth at Plaza das Armas Bus Station in Seville.

The ticket for the leg Faro to Lagos will have to be bought at Faro Bus Station on arrival there. You may also be able to buy the ticket there for the sector Lagos to Salema.If not you will have to buy it at Lagos Bus Station on arrival there.

There are no automated machines at any of the bus station en route.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Seville to Salema - Winter Sunday

There are no buses from Seville to Lagos during week-ends until 1st June, 2008. There are daily local buses from Lagos to Salema. have a 15:30 departure from Seville on Sunday, 4th May, 2008. It arrives Faro Bus Station at 16:30.

There is an EVA bus from FARO to LAGOS at 17:25 arriving 19:40.

There is then an EVA LAGOS to SALEMA bus at 20:30 arriving Salema at 21:02.

Albufeira - Huelva

However, the Summer 2008 official Faro Airport guide is out and it is quoting between €106 & € 126 for a four seater taxi from Faro Airport to Huelva.

The same guide is quoting between € 41 and € 45 for a four seater taxi from Faro Airport to Albufeira.

Rationalising all this I would think that the cost would be between € 150 and € 170 for a four seater taxi from Albufeira to Huelva depending on time of day/night - week/week-end.

The following private transfer company:

are quoting € 80 for the transfer Faro Airport to Huelva.

So Albufeira to Huelva would probably be in the region of € 100.

Your best bet from Albufeira to Huelva would be the twice daily Damas Bus that runs from Lagos through Albufeira and Faro to Seville via Huelva.

Cubsur has timetables here:

Be aware that the Damas Buses only operate on weekdays at present.

Transit time is about three hours allowing for the fact that Spanish time is one hour ahead of Portuguese times.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Lagos - New Urban Bus Service Update

The full Lagos Bus timetable is now available online in pdf format at:

Click on "Horario":

and then the line you want.

You can then open and/or download the files in pdf format.

Updated: 13th May 2008.

The link is dead for some reason.

In the interim have a look at this link...only in Portuguese:

Lagos, Algarve - Art Exhibition

Flavour and Color

An exhibition by Bernadete Bishop and Manuela Caneco at Cachoa Restaurant - 5th of April until 2nd of May 2008.

Click on the down arrow and then the + sign to enlarge or the box icon to open in a new window

Read this doc on Scribd: Expo cachoa

Madrid - Lisbon - Porto - Braga Transport


The cheapest, quickest and most flexible way from Madrid to Lisbon is by coach.

Buses leave regularly from Madrid Estacion Autobus Sur for Lisbon Oriente.

If you go to my blog at:

or and see the first article,

I have published there in png format (click on it to enlarge) copies of the timetable for buses operated by for the routes:

Madrid Estacion Autobus Sur - Lisbon
Porto - Madrid Estacion Autobus Sur

and trains by Portuguese Railways from Porto to Braga.

If you want train timetables or bus timetables from Lisbon to Porto or Braga, look on the right hand side of my blog and find the panel:

Algarve & Portugal - Travel Transport Links

Look for:

»» Porto - Lisbon - Porto Train Timetable


»» RENEX Bus Service - Lisbon to Porto timetable (Also Braga)

You will be able to download the timetables in pdf format.

The fares for Madrid to Lisbon should be no more than € 50.

Lisbon to Braga by train about € 30.00

Porto to Braga about € 2.05.

You will need to get the Metro from Madrid Barajas Airport to Estacion Autobus Sur.

Hope this helps.

Porto - Braga

Madrid - Lisbon

Madrid - Porto

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Restaurant near Faro train station? - Restaurante "Adega Nova"

Restaurante "Adega Nova", Rua Francisco Barreto, 24, r/c, Faro, 8000 - 344

Tel. (00 351) 289813433

Closed Christmas Day and 1 to 15 September.(usually)
Opening Hours: 12:00 » 23:00


With one's back to Faro Station, turn right and then immediately left. Two short blocks up on the right one will find Restaurante Adega Nova.

Following satellite image courtesy of Google Maps:

My favorite Faro and one of my favorite Algarve Restaurants.

Update January 2016

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Faro Airport to Praia Da Luz

Below is a route map courtesy of showing the route from Faro Airport to Luz Bat Club Hotel, Praia da Luz.

Click on the down arrow and then the + sign to enlarge or the box icon to open in a new window

Read this doc on Scribd: fao luz bay club

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

From Lisbon to Albufeira by bus

Thanks for viewing my answers.

I have just checked out the renex website ( and their timetables for 2008 at present appear to be the same.

To my knowledge they have not changed in recent years.

There are only three bus operators serving the Lisbon - Algarve route.

RENEX - Departs from the Bus Station at Gare Oriente - 6 mins by taxi from the Airport

Rede Expressos - Departs from the Sete Rios Bus Station - 15 minutes (depending on the time of day) from the Airport.

Eva Transportes - Departs from the Sete Rios Bus Station - 15 minutes (depending on the time of day) from the Airport.

EVA/Rede Expressos coordinate their timetables.

If your flight is on time and if you have no baggage problems, you should have plenty of time to get to Gare Oriente bus station (autocarros) and catch the bus.

If you miss it, I would not recommend either of the bus stations as places to spend the night. Better to stay at the airport or head into Lisbon, get a room and then start afresh the next morning.

Unfortunately the 01:00 RENEX departure does not operate on Saturday/Sunday nights.

Lisbon to Evora - Bus Timetable

Lisbon to Evora - Rede Expressos - Bus Timetable

Click on Down Arrow and then + button to enlarge

Read this doc on Scribd: rede exp lisboa evora

Rede express bus station in Lisbon

The Saldanha bus station closed a couple of years ago.

All Rede Expresso and EVA buses now leave Lisbon from the Sete Rios Coach Station which is alongside Sete Rios Train Station and the Jardim Zoologico Metro Station.

Buses operated by RENEX and other operators (including several Spanish ones) leave from the Gare Oriente Train Station.

Certain regional buses (e.g. for places like Obidos and Almada) leaves from other locations such as Campo Grande and Praça de Espanha.

Lisbon Roma to Sintra

The train line from Lisbon to Sintra is separate from the train line to Cascais.

For Sintra, you can leave from Entrecampos or Roma Stations near the hotel and change at Cacem for Sintra.

Link here: