Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Meia Praia Developments - Update

1) Work on the Vila Galé Hotel is moving towards completion with a projected opening date of 25th April 2009.

2) Together with the Vila Galé project, the IberHotel project half way along Meia Praia and the massive earthworks associated with the expansion of the Palmares Golf Course at the other end of Meia Praia, the main Meia Praia road has become a race track for large dump trucks spewing dirt everywhere. Not Nice!

3) The access road to and through Palmares golf course has been so damaged by heavy vehicles at both the Meia Praia end and the Vale da Lama end, that it reminds me of rural roads in the poorest developing countries. Not conducive to a quiet day at the links.

In Summary, avoid Palmares till the work's done.