Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Santander (Spain) to the Algarve by train

It is will be difficult to get from Santander to the Algarve by train.

According to Renfe.es, the Spanish Train operator, there is only one through route:

This will involve travelling Santander to Madrid and then night train to Lisbon. Thereafter, a Portuguese Railways train ( http://www.cp.pt ) to the Algarve

There is currently a train departure from Santander at 14:05 arriving in Madrid at 18:33, There may be a station change in Madrid but this not clear from the renfe website. The night train to Lisbon Gare Orient departing at 22:25 and arriving at 07:30 the next day. This will connect with the 08:40 departure for the Algarve.

Alternatively, there is a daily regional service leaving Santander for Valladolid at 16:55 arrivng 21:00. Sunday to Friday there is a service departing 19:20 arriving Valladolid at 22:35. The Paris to Lisbon Express passes through Valladolid and departs at 03:20 arriving Lisbon Gare Oriente at 10:54. There is a departure for the Algarve at 13:20 from Lisbon Gare Oriente.

Please note that this is not shown as a through route on any timetables and I suspect one would have difficulty buying through tickets.

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