Thursday, 10 September 2009

Lagos - restaurant suggestions

Depends where you are staying and if you have a car.

One of my favorite local Portuguese restaurants is Prato Cheio. See this article on my blog which has a link to it.

If you like fish, try a bacalhau (cod) dish, if its on the menu. The Portuguese have at least 365 ways of preparing them. My favorite is Bacalhau à Bras.

Many Portuguese restaurants have "Pratos do dia" - (Daily Plates) or Menu of the Day. Usually freshly cooked and very good. I would recommend avoid dishes with "Grão" or meat dishes called "Rojões" until you acclimatise.

Another good local restaurant is "Os Asinhas".

Map ref here:,-8.673522,16,Z;37.096817,-8.673522,As+Asinhas,1

Estrada da Ponta da Piedade,

lote 24, loja A


The two restaurants above are outside the city wall and away from the tourist centre...which is why I like them! :)))))))