Monday, 15 March 2010

Villa da Naranja - Lagos - Location

Its amazing how fit most owners and purveyors of holidays rental villas world wide are.

I know that somewhere in my genes, I have simian roots, but to date I have never been called the uncle of one!

If the location of this property is within "10 minute walk of Lagos" then you may call me one!

I can't recall the property in question exactly. They have been very clever in not placing any images that may give away the location. However, I magnified the on of the one of the patio door and the reflection seems to show Funchal Ridge and the health centre access A22 road gap in the Ridge in the distance. Combined with the fact that they state the property is 1km from Porto de Mos beach, I surmise that this property is situated close to the new Gil Eanes School.

I reckon that someone walking at double pace going into town downhill, might just, might just get to the old city walls in 10 minutes. However, I reckon it would take 15 to 20 minutes comfortable walk to get into town and coming back, with the climb, 25 to 30 minutes at a comfortable pace.

Will try to check it out when in the area.

The arrow on the following map gives a rough indication of the area I think it is in: