Friday, 21 May 2010

How to pronounce the syllable "ão" in Portuguese

In Portuguese, the syllable "...ão" is pronounced "ow", as when you stab yourself with a pin and almost like the last part of c"ow" in English!

Hence, in Portuguese

cão = dog and is pronounced "cow" while you stab your thumb! (Meanwhile, to confuse things further, a female bovine in portuguese is called a "vaca".)

não = no - while you stab your thumb!

Portimão = city in the Algarve - while you stab your thumb!

Dão Grão (Vasco) = Portuguese Wine from the Douro - while you stab your thumb x 2!

Patacão - Village/Suburb outside Faro on the EN125 - while you stab your thumb! (....and not an instruction understood by english speakers with limited knowledge of Portuguese, that they should pat their canine companion while passing the said road sign...It actually means "Dog Paw")

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