Saturday, 24 July 2010

Easyjet - Serious Delays - London Gatwick

My wife is at present aboard an Easyjet plane waiting at a gate at London Gatwick with destination Faro, Algarve. (Flight Number EZY EZY8925).  

There were big delays at "check in" and in loading of the luggage. The estimated time for take-off was 16:20. The pilot has now informed the already boarded passengers, that because of the delay, the flight had lost its "slot" and now expects to have to wait until 18:25 for take-off.  

In principle, the flight may be up two hours late in Faro.

This is not the not only Easyjet horror story in recent weeks, and while it is easy to blame the French and Greek Air Traffic Controllers for the mayhem, this does not explain why passengers had to wait in the queue for up to 2 hours to get to a check-in desk.

Something is very very wrong with Easyjet, as well as the new owners of Gatwick. We are supposed to be in an economic crises with fewer people travelling. However, it seems that even with less people travelling and fewer airlines operating,  chaos still prevails.

Easyjet! Get bigger planes, fly longer routes to avoid France and LGW management get your act together.