Monday, 26 July 2010

Lagos, Algarve to Lisbon - Public Transport

There are three ways to get from Lisbon to Lisbon by Public Transport:

1) Train -

Extract of Full Timetable here:

Transit Time to Lisbon between 3,5 and 4,5 hours.

Train Change at Tunes Junction.

Descend at Lisboa Entrecampos for Downtown Lisbon and Lisboa Oriente for Lisbon Airport.

Prices up to € 22.50 depending on train.

2) Bus - EVA/Rede Expressos - - Arrive: Lisboa Sete Rios Bus Station

Extract of Bus Timetable (includes eva and rede expressos) here:

Prices between € 18:00 and € 19:00 one way per adult.

3) Bus - Renex - Arrive: Lisboa Gare Oriente Bus Station

Timetables here in pdf format:

Prices usually less than Rede Expressos but transit time about 4,5 hours.