Thursday, 22 July 2010

Seville - New Ryanair Base - Nov. 2010 / Ideas for new Routes

Ryanair have just announced the creation of their 44th Base at Seville, Andalucia, Spain.

Operations will begin in November 2010.

In addition to existing routes to Seville the following new routes will be created:

10 New Seville Routes

London (LGW)

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Additional routes from Seville, I personally think would be worth exploring by Ryanair or other low cost airlines, are

Seville-Lisbon (If a suitable deal can be done with the Portuguese Govt. to give Ryanair access to Lisbon.)

There is a lot of evidence of substantial demand from forums dealing with travel between Spain and Portugal for low-cost routes between Lisbon and other centres in the Iberian Peninsula including Seville and Malaga.

I also think that the time is coming, where Ryanair and/or other low cost airlines should be looking at (at least) seasonal routes between airports in Poland and the Iberian Peninsula.

This summer, here in the Algarve, I have met several Polish travellers, with and without much disposable income, who say they love Portugal and  Spain but that lack of good lowcost air links is a problem.

As the Polish economy seems to be in growth, unlike many other EU economies,
(see this recent article published in Business Week: ) , I cannot help thinking that low cost air routes between Poland, Spain and Portugal may offer potential growth opportunities to lowcosts!