Saturday, 2 October 2010

Algarve - Bus Hire

Don't raise your hope of getting replies from EVA!

I was trying to organise buses for Dance Algarve 2010 last Easter and despite emails(in Portuguese) and one visit to the office, I had to go again to Faro and basically stand in front of the desk and refuse to move to extract a quote. EVA appear to feel that they are doing clients a favour in providing quotes!!

They also handle bookings for Frota Azul in Portimão as the two companies are linked by cross shareholding.

I suspect the problem with the high quotes is the 2am/3am Saturday night return trip to Albufeira. It probably means double or triple overtime.

One company I did get a 48hr fax reply from was Transol in Portimão:

Rua Projectada à Caldeira do Moinho, Edf. Abicada Loja 5
8500 - 726 Portimão
Tel: 282 450 460
Fax: 282 475 511

Most of these companies do quote for a variety of vehicles. You really need to tell them when asking for a quote how many pax there will be on each.
Transol has vehicles to carry 8, 16, 40, 49, 53, 55 and 59 pax.

It also might be worth contacting Lepebus in Cartaya, just over the border in Spain.

They have a fleet that has buses that can carry 19/25/30/35 pax and fuel in Spain is cheaper. We used them for transporting dancers in 2009 from Seville to Lagos and back. They operate to Faro Airport but I am not sure about doing jobs within Portugal but is is worth a try.

Website here:

Christine Chabeau or Mari Carmen Moreno
Ctra. Nacional 431, Km. 114
Apdo 8
21440 LEPE (Huelva)
T. (+34) 959 39 29 29
F. (+34) 959 39 27 27
M. (+34) 629 18 50 07