Friday, 19 November 2010

Portugal General Strike pt2 24/11/10

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Re: Help Needed - Air Strikes Next Wednesday

Just read a report in Publico one of the Portuguese national dailys! It also reports that "major" hotels are likely to be badly hit during the General Strike.

My advice that if you are in, coming to or leaving Portugal do not plan to travel next Wednesday and hunker down for the day. The main action will be in Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra but expect full shutdowns of services throughout the country.

As for Ryanair, as far as I can make out air traffic controllers are also on strike so I cannot see how Ryanair can operate, (unless the have gone into the ATC business now as well.)

Eurocontrol, (which co-ordinates ATC's throughout Europe), reported via Twitter this morning that:

"LATEST: Industrial action in Portugal expected to affect air traffic from 23 Nov 23.00 to 24 Nov 23.00 CET, more at"