Friday, 25 February 2011

Portugal - Alma - Mariza - Amalia

Thanks for the thanks. Portugal is a great place for independent travellers!

Next time, can I recommend, in addition to Ginja Obidos "oppidum", you try Beirão, Brandymel and if you can find it, Algarve/Alentejo produced Portuguese Air Force jet fuel, a/k/a Medronho!!!

As you have learned to appreciate fado, here are some links to renditions of some of my favorite Portuguese traditional songs for you:

Mariza - Barca Negra -
I saw Mariza sing this in the auditorium here in Lagos last August!

Amalia Rodrigues - "Casa Portuguesa" -
An extract from an old rendition by Amalia from the '60/70's on France 3.
This is how it should be sung!

Amalia Rodrigues - "Lisboa Antiga" -
Amalia singing to a b/w video of Lisbon made by the EPCI, a multimedia school in Lisbon. Brings back many memories from Lisbon years ago when I first new it as the capital city of an empire.

Amalia Rodrigues - "Coimbra" -

This song is about the famous university town, Coimbra.
For me all of these describe the term "alma", which is really unexplainable to non-Portuguese but which is absolutely central to the character of the Portuguese, be they from the Trás-os-Montes or the Algarve.