Wednesday, 2 February 2011

tolls on the A22 - Further Comments

There have already been problems with Tourists driving hire cars up in the Porto area on motorways where the system has already been implemented.

The problem is that someone in the Portuguese Govt. shot their mouth of first without thinking about the implications, particularly in the Algarve where the N125 is the only alternative.

What I don't understand, when unemployment is increasing, is that the Portuguese Govt. could have said to the concessionaires who operate the motorway, build tolls booths, create some jobs, and add a little to the toll over the period of the concession.

They've (Portuguese Govt.) now got themselves into a situation where politically they cannot backtrack because of the chaos it will cause up North if the the Via de Infante A22 is exempt or has boothed tolls.

Methinks change will only happen in the summer when the N125 is gridlocked from VRSA to Lagos and the accident rate has shot up 100%. Then they will have their excuse to recant with justification.