Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Algarve - Car hire help needed please.

A recent question posted on this issue -

"We are looking to hire a car from Faro and all I can find are bad reviews of the rental companies."

My Reply:

"Forget Cheap Car Hire!
It only ends in tears in my experience!
Go for a reputable outfit such as Luzcar, Zitauto etc.!
It is worth paying the extra to avoid having your holiday or post-holiday period ruined by having to fight car hire firms, credit card companies et al.!
A final suggestion!
Rather than get stressed by this car hire situation in the Algarve, if you cannot find something that satisfies your needs, why not consider holidaying in another location.
The Algarve (Faro Airport) public transport/motorway/car hire situation is now becoming so problematical, I do not understand why potential visitors do not say:
"Well, this transport(public transport/car hire/motorway tolls) situation in the Algarve is such a pain, we are going to go elsewhere!"
Alternative Destination Suggestions: 
Lisbon Area,(good public transport on the north side of the Tejo), Madeira, The Canaries, CroatiaCape Verde(Thomsons)!
Until the entire (private and public sector ) tourism industry in the Algarve realise there are serious problems in these areas, it is becoming more and more difficult to positively promote this region as a destination for relaxing and tranquil holidays. 
Consequently, I cannot blame potential visitors for looking at alternative destinations."