Saturday, 29 June 2013

Lagos, Algarve, Portugal - Security Warning for Travellers

Much as I regret it, I have to report about what appears to be a deteriorating security situation in Lagos.
In the past ten days I have been apprised of at least two late night muggings of young foreign women in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal, a major break-in into a ground floor apartment used as an annex by a major hostel, and finally a day-time theft of a handbag in a villa on Meia-Praia where the owner had left a ground floor window open.
The muggings and break-in all happened close to the old town. In at least, one case the muggers tried to nick bags from girls walking in a group! Luckily, in their case, a passing Portuguese lady in a car made chase and helped recover the bag.
In the other case, the girl in question stopped the guy from taking her bag but ended up with a couple of torn tendons.
Lagos is still a great place for a vacation. However, there is increasing crime everywhere these days.
However, I do counsel people to be careful.
At night, if possible, eschew handbags for moneybelts for carrying valuables.
If you are renting a villa or ground floor apartment make sure the windows and doors are secured when you do not have direct line of site of the villa.
And folks, above all, "...Hey!....lets be careful, out there"!!