Thursday, 20 February 2014

Travel from Malaga, Spain to Lisbon, Portugal

Guided tours will be difficult and expensive if they exist, as will be a private driver.

There is no direct train service from Malaga to Lisbon. It would be necessary to travel from Malaga to Madrid and then to Lisbon. Spanish railways site, indicates that, at present, it could take between 20 and 24 hours to make the trip by rail depending on how many changes one has to make.

If one wants to get from Malaga to Lisbon directly, the quickest way will be by the twice daily TAP-Air Portugal flight from Malaga Airport to Lisbon Airport. See:

Note these flights may be operated by a sub-contractor and may be operated by aircraft as small as 19 seater Beechcraft 1900 turboprop aircraft.

As regards private chauffeur services one could try some of these services (located via



The distance from Malaga to Lisbon is about 700km and will require a drive of about 6 to 7 hours(without stopping), a considerable bit of which is on toll roads.

There is a daily overnight long-distance bus services operated by between Lisbon and Malaga

Depart: Málaga 21:00 (Spanish Time)
Arrive: Lisbon Oriente: 06:00 (Portugal Time)

Transit time: 10h 00min (Possible Bus change in Seville)