Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Portugal - A real Brain Wave and not a Flight of Fancy!!

Although I don't normally write about IT/Science matters here, a piece on the BBC News website this morning, got me thinking about the future of flight, travel and tourism.

Imagine being on a Ryanair plane in 10-20 years time, taking off from London Stansted (STN), heading for Faro (FAO) for your Algarve holiday, and flown by a pilot sitting in Lisbon who is wearing a skull cap with electrodes to pilot the aircraft!

Sci-Fi? Sounds Far-Fetched?

No! Portuguese IT wizards, (and they are!), at Tekver EMEA have developed and are proving that such a system may be possible, using brain power to fly drones.

See the BBC News Report here:

and this blog post by Tekver:
Parabéns! Força Portugal!!

Well done the BBC and SIC Noticias for reporting this!

and on Radio Renascença