Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Algarve - Travel from Italy

The Algarve desparately needs a regular airlink to a major airport in Italy(Milan or Roma) and Paris.

The following is a posting I made in response to a query about how get to Faro from Napoli.


It's a pity but there are no cheap direct airlinks between Faro and Italy.

Train is not an option unless you want to be travelling for four days and spend a fortune.

The following low - cost airlines operate from Naples Airport:

Easyjet to Milan Malpensa - Connect to Lisbon and then Train/Bus to Faro - 3 hours.

Brussels Airlines to Brussels - Connect by Brussels Airlines to Faro

Transavia to Amsterdam - Connect to Transavia to Faro

All of the above probably will require overnight stops en route and some flights only operate certain days of the week..

From Rome FCO there are daily flights by Air Europa to Madrid.


You would probably have to overnight there and then catch the daily Ryanair Flight to Faro.


Cost wise this may be the cheapest.

Vueling Airlines - www.vueling.com operate Rome (FCO) - Seville on a daily although return flight prices appear a bit pricey at present.

You would probably have to stay overnight in Seville and then get the bus the next day to Faro. (Twice a day - weekdays )

See: www.damas-sa.es for more info.

Mid week flights (Wednesday) by TAP from Rome FCO - Air Portugal via Lisbon appear not to expensive at present either. Although one always has to be wary of the Lisbon - Faro connection with Air Portugal if the inward flight to Lisbon is delayed.

Hope this helps