Friday, 29 August 2008

Prepaid Mobile Broadband - Portugal

Both Vodafone Portugal and TMN have launched in the past week Prepaid Mobile Broadband internet services.

These are ideal for persons making regular but short visits to Portugal or any one visiting Portugal who needs internet access.

For more information see this article on my IT Blog:

Santander to Porto by Train

At present train travel between Spain and Portugal is difficult as there are only 4 trains a day between the two countries. This will all change in a few years when the new TGV style high speed train network enters service.

You trip will require at least two changes:

Service as follows:

Santander 16:55
Valladolid 21:07 (Mondays to Saturdays).
Valladolid 03:20 (Sud Express)
Coimbra-B 08:49
Coimbra-B 09:29
Porto 10:39

For more information see the sites of:

Renfe - Spanish Railways -
CP - Portuguese Railways -

Algeciras/Malaga to Lisbon

There is no direct bus service from Algeciras to Lisbon.

One can get a bus daily from Algeciras to Seville as follows:

Operator: T.G. Comes


Algeciras to Seville:

Dept. Arr:

08:00 11:30
11:30 15:30
14:00 17:30
16:30 20:00

From Seville to Lisbon there is a service operated by as follows:

Seville to Lisbon Sete Rios Coach Station

Dept. Arr:
15:00 21:15
23:59 06:00

From Malaga to Lisbon there is a daily service operated by as follows:

Malaga to Lisbon Sete Rios Coach Station

Dept. Arr:
21:00 06:00

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Lagos to Fatima

It is possible to do it by normal will be a long day but doable as long as you are only going to visit the Sanctuary, and spend few hours on pilgrimage.

Eva Transportes have a bus departure (Mondays to Fridays) from Lagos Bus Station at 05:45 arriving Lisbon Sete Rios Bus Station at 09:30.

There is a Rede Expressos bus leaving Lisbon Sete Rios Bus Station at 10:30 arriving Fatima at 11:55h.

For the return there is a Rede Expressos Bus from Fatima at 16:30 h arriving Lisbon Sete Rios at 18:00 h.

There is an Eva Transportes bus from arriving Lisbon Sete Rios at 18:30 arriving Lagos Bus Station at 22:15. There is one bus after this at 20:30 if you miss this one.

Rede Expressos Website (Only Portuguese)-

Eva Transportes -

Return Trip should cost about e 55.00 per person.

Santiago da Compostela to Lisbon

Sorry, have been off-line unexpectedly for the week-end. have a bus departure from from Santiago da Compostela at 10:00 (Spanish Time) routing via Porto and arriving Lisbon Oriente at 18:00.

There are no direct trains between S. de Compostela and Porto.

You would need to get the 05:50 from S. de Compostela arriving Vigo at
07:37. Then the 07:40 from Vigo arriving Porto at 09:55 (Portuguese Time) Then the 10:52 from Porto arriving Lisbon Sta. Apolonia 14:00.

See for more info.

As regards booking tickets, Bus Station in Santiago is probably the best.

For trains, probably Vigo Station for the Sector Vigo to Porto and then Porto station for the Porto to Lisbon.

You can try the only websites from bookins but they can be difficult and slow at times.

You best bet is probably the bus as you should be able to book a through ticket.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Lisbon airport to bus station for Evora..

There is no Metro from Lisbon airport at present and there are no direct buses from Lisbon Airport to Sete Rios Bus Station from where buses from Evora leave.

The best and quickest way to get between the two is by taxi which should take about 10 - 15 minutes depending on traffic.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Public transport Porto to Madrid

There is no direct train service from Porto to Madrid.

In fact at present passenger train services between Portugal and Spain
are not good!

You could get a train from Porto to Coimbra B and then connect with the nightly Lusitânia Comboio Hotel Train at 0:13 (Midnight 13 minutes) and arrive Madrid (Chamartin) at 8.40 the next morning. This is the only rail link.

The quickest way may be by air. fly Porto to Madrid daily.

Bus company operate a daily coach service (current timetables) leaving Porto at 09:45 arriving Madrid Est. Sur. at 19:45 Spanish time.

Five nights a week (except Weds./Sat.) there is a service leaving Porto at 20:30 arriving Madrid Est. Sur. at 06:30.

Rail - Portugal - Algarve to Porto and Obidos

The Train from Lagos to Lisbon - Change at Tunes as you indicated.

Years ago, the train used to run to Barreiro on the South Side of the Tejo and then you got a ferry across.

However, for the past 4 years there has been a rail link over the Tejo under the 25 de Abril bridge which give one a spectacular view of Lisbon and the River.

Most trains now stop at two stations in Lisbon:

Entrecampos - Best for Central Lisbon. Metro Station
Gare Oriente - Main interchange with line running North for Porto Campanha.

Certain interregional services stop at Lisbon Sete Rios as well.

From Central Lisbon trains depart Sta Apolonia Station, near the baixa. (Metro now open). They run through Gare Oriente running north.

Trains South leave from Porto Campanha. To get to Obidos you will have to change at Coimbra-b, Bifurcacao De Lares, and Caldas Da Rainha stations. Transit time is about 5 hours. Note that the station in Obidos is outside the town.

There is no direct train from Obidos to Lagos. Travel time will be between 7,5 and 8 hours and you will have to change train in Monte Abraao, Sete Rios- Lisbon and Tunes.

You may find this link on my blog and the links to timetables shown in the right hand panel of the blog of use:

Saturday, 16 August 2008

bus/train travel to obidos/praya de rey from lisbon

There is no direct train service from Lisbon Airport to Obidos and Obidos station is situated outside of the town.

Public Transport Services outside Greater Lisbon start to shut down on weekends around 20:00

The last bus from Lisbon to Obidos on Saturdayleave Lisbon Campo Grande at 16:45.

As regards trains there is only one train that will serve as follows:

Lisboa - Gare Oriente Station (Ten Minutes by Taxi from Airport)
Dept: 19h57
Arrive: 22h48

One changes at Sete Rios and Mira Sintra-melecas stations en route.

Be aware that there will probably be no taxis at the station when you arrive unless you arrange one beforehand.

I recommend you see the following article on my blog which also deals with this matter.


Friday, 15 August 2008

Train/Bus from Lisbon to La Coruna

Unfortunately there is no direct train service between Lisbon and La Coruna.

You would need first to get to Porto, then Vigo and then La Coruna.

See these articles on my blog for previous articles on this:

I have also published there an extract from the current Lisbon - La Coruna Bus service operated by Internorte. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Driving from porto to the algarve

The drive from Porto to Lisbon or the Algarve is no great problem. There is an excellent toll motorway network covering the whole route.

With stops Porto to the Algarve would take about six hours via the toll motorway. (Tolls for a small car would be about € 35.00)

In September/October you will probably have no problem arranging accomodation "on the fly", save in Lisbon should you wish to lay over there.

As regards destinations in the Algarve, I suspect that from your requirements, that Lagos would be your best bet. It's not just that I live here..but it has the sort of mix you describe.

If you want real partying then Vilamoura or Albufeira are probably more suitable. However, bear in mind that by the end of September, the summer is over and the partying substantially reduced.

Also bear in mind that there you are going to traverse some wonderful parts of Portugal. If you chose to take your time driving from Porto, you could visit Coimbra, Figueira da Foz, Nazare, Obidos, Alcobaça, Batalha, Sintra.

Porto and Lisbon are also great places to visit.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Lisbon Airport to Lagos by Eva Bus - Minimum Times

In summer these buses do fill up.

Tickets may be transferable but only if presented to the ticket office one hour before the bus in question departs.

However, I can tell you now from personal experience that if your plane arrives at 09:05 there is absolutely no way you will make the 10:30 EVA coach from Sete Rios bus station, unless you are only travelling with carry-on bags and even then it will be a push.

It will take at least 45 minutes from landing to clearing immigration, collecting your hold baggage and clearing customs. You then need get a cab and if there is a queue for taxis that could take another 10 minutes. You then need to allow for at least 15 minutes to get to Sete Rios bus station.

The above timing does not allow for unforeseen events.

Much better to take your time and get the 12:30.r at least 15 minutes to get to Sete Rios bus station.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Porto Airport to Espinho

This is quite simple.

You need to get the Light Rail Metro from Porto Airport to Campanha Station via Line E.



From Porto Campanha there are trains between three and five times an hour to Espinho from 05:09 until 01:00, Takes up to 25 minutes.

For timetable in pdf format See:

Movistar mobile phone from Spain

Movistar is a Spanish mobile phone provider and does not operate in Portugal. It would only work if you charge it up with money in Spain and are prepared to paying roamng charges in Portugal.

It probably will be blocked so that it only works with Movistar sim cards.

You may find a shop that will unblock it for a fee or you may be as well to buy a new phone here. You can pick up basic ones from any of the three operators for e 30.00

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Living in Sagres

Sagres is effectively a small village. It is great in summer and on sunny winter days but it is situated at the end of a small peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic. It has its own micro-climate and as one can see from the terrain very few trees because it is so wind-swept.

There is a health centre there, but the nearest hospital of size is this private one in Lagos or the public one in Portimão. That having been said, from Tavira, one would have to go to Faro/Olhão for a sizeable hospital and many services and large shops

There are a couple of local Alisuper supermarkets in Sagres and a bakery. A Lidl has just opened in Vila de Bispo, which is the district town, 8kms away. Be aware for all dealings with authorities one would have to go generally to Vila de Bispo. There is a Ecomarche at Budens, half way to Sagres but for large items and things like dental care, Lagos would be your nearest.

Portugal - Metro / Light rail systems

At the present time, I am not aware of any green-site metro projects in Portugal.

However, there are several expansion projects in hand for the three main metro systems and one project to convert a rail ine to light rail.

At present there are three operating Metro/MetroLRT systems in Portugal and one project just about to start awarding contracts.

1) Metropolitano de Lisboa.

Cut and cover third-rail system first started in 1958. Currently has two line extensions under construction and long term plans for a further three extensions.

Website here in English:

2) Metro do Porto

Light Rail system serving Porto, Portugal's second city. Operations began a few years ago. 7 Lines.

Website here in English:

The website does not show any indications of future works but at least two recent press reports in the Portuguese press indicate that line extensions are planned.

See: (Both in Portuguese)


3) Metro Transportes de Sul

This a light rail system being developed to serve the suburbs of Lisbon south of the Tagus.

First lines enter service last year and the system is currently being expanded.

Website here in Portuguese:

4) Metro Mondego

Serving the Mondego valley area from Coimbra, this project envisages converting an existing full gauge line to Light Rail and developing a network form there.

Website here:

Also always keep an eye on this site which may from time to time have nuggets of useful info.


Biarritz, France to Faro, Algarve, Portugal

This is a difficult one.

Public Transport links between France, the north of Spain and the Algarve are not good.

From Biarritz, apart from car, you probably are restricted to train or long distance coach.


1) The TGV/Sud Express leaves Biarritz at 20:49, arriving Irun at 21:23.
Departs Irun at 22:00 and arrives Lisbon Oriente at 10:54 the next day.

2) There is a connecting train to the Algarve departing Lisbon Oriente at 13:20, arriving Faro at 17:22 or Lagos at 17:55.


Eurolines Portugal have a service advertised from Bayonne to Faro here:

Although the service shows a timetable for winter 2007 I understand that the service still operates.

Dept: Bayonne at 23:55
Arr: Faro at 18:15 next day.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Salamanca to Tavira


The Sud-Express Paris to Lisbon train leaves Salamanca daily at 04:51 in the morning arriving Lisbon Gare Oriente Station at 10:54 the same morning.

There is a train leaving Lisbon Gare Oriente Station at 13:20 arriving Faro at 17:22. There is a train leaving Faro at 17:30 arriving Tavira at 18:10.

For the return there is a departure from Tavira at 7:46 arriving Faro at 08:24. There is a departure from Faro at 09:05 arriving Lisbon Gare Oriente at 13:06. There is a Sud-Express Lisbon to Paris train Departing Lisbon Gare Oriente at 16:14 arriving Salamanca at 00:05

For more information on timetables please see the Portuguese Railways website at Please note that these times are based on the current summer timetable and may change after September with the introduction of the winter timetable which is not yet available.


There is currently a bus service leaving Salamanca for Seville (weekdays only) as follows:

Dept: SALAMANCA 06:45
Arr: SEVILLA 14:15

There is a departure from Seville Plaza das Armas for Tavira as follows:

Dept: Sevilla 16.15
Arr: Tavira 18:10

For the return, there is a departure as follows:

Dept: Tavira 08:10
Arr: Sevilla 11:30

Dept: Sevilla 14:00
Arr: Salamanca 21:25

Please note that these times are based on current timetables and may change. You should check with the operators website for actual times prior to leaving.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Lisbon to Marbella

The easiest and cheapest way to do this trip via public transport is as follows:(Click on images to enlarge)

1) Bus from Lisbon Sete-Rios to Sevilla. (

2) Bus from Sevilla to Marbella - Autobus de los Amarillos -

Other routes could include flying low cost to Madrid and then Malaga and taking a bus to Marbella. Bus Lisbon to Madrid and then Bus Madrid to Marbella.