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Transport between Lisbon, Portugal and Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

There are three main modes of travel between Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and Lagos, the historic picturesque city located in the south-west Algarve region of Southern Portugal.

These are:


By Toll motorway, Lagos is 300km from Praça Marques de Pombal, in the centre of Lisbon.

The route via either the Ponte 25 de Abril or Vasco de Gama Bridge runs via the A2 and the A22 Via de Infante Algarve Backbone Motorway.

Lisbon - Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge

Transit time with stops is about 3hrs15mins. At the time of writing (September 2016), the estimated toll & fuel costs for a small compact car from Lisbon to Lagos are:

Total: 44.93 €  (source: )

Tolls 20.45 €,
Fuel 24.48 €.

There are alternatives non-toll coastal routes along the Alentejo coast.


Alfa-Pendular at Tunes Junction
National Portuguese operator operates 2 Alfa-Pendular Hi-speed express trains per day between Lisbon Gare Oriente, Lisbon Entrecampos atations and Tunes Junction where there are connecting local trains along the Algarve Line (linha de Algarve) to Lagos. Transit times are approximately 3 hrs. also operates 3 Intecidade Trains between Lisbon Sete Rios, Lisbon Gare Oriente, Lisbon Entrecampos stations and Tunes Junction where there are connecting local trains along the Algarve Line (linha de Algarve) to Lagos. Transit times are approximately 3hrs45mins to 4 hrs.

Changing trains at Tunes Junction usually occurs on on Platform 2/3.It is better to stay on this platform unless otherwise advised.

Prices at the time of  writing in September 2016 are:

Single 2nd Class - Alfa Pendular - Lisboa Entrecampos to Lagos - (One way) 22,70€
Single 2nd Class - Intercidade - Lisboa Entrecampos to Lagos - (One way)  21,70€

Latest timetables in pdf format can usually be downloaded here:

Ticket can be booked online at

Bus/Long distance Coach

There are two bus/long distance coach services between Lisbon and Lagos

a) &

These services depart from Lisbon Sete Rios Rodovíario (Bus Station) next to Sete Rios railway station and Metro Jardim Zoologíco (linha azul/blue line)

Eva Bus at Lisbon Setet Rios
The EVA bus departures are usually faster, taking +-3hrs45mins BUT there is no stop between Lisbon and Lagoa in the Algarve.

The Rede-Expressos buses take longer but there are usually stops en route.

There are upwards 12 daily services between the two locations. Additional Services operate at peak periods and high-season.

Timetables & online booking for both services can be found here:

Ticket prices vary dependent upon the service used but at the time of writing begin at €20.00 single one way.

b) also operate bus services from Lisbon Gare Oriente Bus Station (Metro Gare Oriente - Linha vermelho - two stops from the airport) to Lagos. In Lagos, the buses leave from and arrive at the Renex office by the Repsol Service Station on the Avenida by the Muncipal Market.
Renex Bus at Lisbon Gare Oriente

However, these services take longer. Transit times are between 03hrs 45mins and 04hrs30mins. Buses stop once en route for refreshments. It may be necessary to change buses at the Renex Vale Paraiso bus station near Albufeira.

There are 7 daily services. Timetables can be downloaded here:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to to book this service online. Tickets can be purchased at the Renex Booking Offices in Lagos and at Gare Oriente.

Ticket prices vary dependent upon the service used but at the time of writing begin at €19.50 single one way.

In the writer's opinion, with over 19 buse services daily between Lisbon & Lagos, bus offers the best option for return day trips between the two centres.

If arriving at Lisbon Airport and travelling to Lagos for for a stay, the train or bus from Gare Oriente to/from Lagos is the most convenient as there Metro runs directly between the two. (Three stops)

It should also be born in mind that, often, there are no taxis at either Lagos Station or Lagos Bus Station. There are usually taxis available near by the stop for buses in Lagos.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Algarve,Portugal - N125 to be cut between Maritenda & Fontainhas for 9 weeks from 9 May, 2016

Algarve Portuguese online daily Sul Informação reports this morning that, in addition to the current ongoing "improvement" road works bedevilling the N125, the section that crosses the main Faro - Algarve rail line is to closed between next Monday, 9th May and 15th July 2016.

While the replacement of the road bridge over the rail line is no doubt needed, the complete lack of respect for locals and visitors shown by both the responsible authorities, Infraestruturas de Portugal and the contractors is breathtaking.

Neither Agency is issuing public warnings when works are to start, or be completed, and the local press appear to be dependent upon "leaks" for information.

At a minimum, there is need for the national Parliament(A Assembléia Nacional) to pass legislation requiring Infraestruturas de Portugal (a state agency), to fully divulge via the Press and Media, proposed works programmes, at least, 8 weeks in advance of project starts, (obviously with the exception of emergency works. )

There will be a diversion in place as detailed in the above article.

However, if anyone is planning on using the EN125 to get from Faro to Boliqueime and beyond in the next 2 months, be aware and perhaps be prepared to pay tolls and use the A22 Via de Infante Motorway. So be warned!.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Coaches between Porto Airport, Portugal & Ponte de Lima, Viana de Castelo,Ponte de Barca,Arcos de Valdevez operate 4 services daily on weekdays and 2 services daily at week-ends between Porto Airport and Ponte de Barca calling at Ponte de Lima, Viana de Castelo , and Arcos de Valdevez .
Timetable in pdf format here:

Friday, 22 April 2016

Portugal visto do Céu - Best of my flights in 2015 - 4K Ultra HD

A wonderful ten minute overflight by drone of the best of Portugal by Helder Gomes!


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Public Transport from Lisbon,Portugal to Santiago de Compostela,Spain

The current most direct route is by bus. operates a daily through bus service from Lisbon Sete Rios Bus Station as follows:
May 26 2016 -
Dep: 07:30 Lisboa Sete Rios
Arrive Santiago de Compostela 17:45 (+1hr Spanish Time)
By train one has to change at Porto and Vigo and can take longer.
By plane one has to fly to La Coruna and then bus or train from there.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Supermarket, Baixa/Chiado area, Lisbon, Portugal

Pingo Doce
R. 1º de Dezembro 81
1249-970 Lisboa
One road back from Praça do Rossio & near Rossio Train Station!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

From Praça Marques de Pombal, Lisbon, Portugal to Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

From Praça Marques de Pombal, Lisbon,one has two simple options to get to Lagos in the Algarve.
1) By Train
Descend into the Metro station.
Take the Metro Line Amarelo(Yellow line) direction Odivelas.
Descend at the 4th stop Entrecampos.
From here one can catch all south-bound trains to the Algarve.
(Both Alfa-Pendular & Intercidades)
They usually leave from Platform 4
Remember that one has to change at Tunes Junction (between 2hrs 20mins and 2hrs 50mins from Entrecampos ) for the connecting local Algarve Line train to Lagos. There have been recent reports that conductors have NOT been announcing Tunes prior to arrival, causing mayhem on occasion.
2) By Bus
Enter the Metro
Take the Metro Line Azul (Blue) in direction of Reboleira (new terminus as from 13th April,2016) and descend at the 4th stop Jardim Zoológico Metro Station. Follow the signs for Rodoviario. This bus station is also know as Sete Rios, as is the train station next door.

The bus service from Lisbon to Lagos from this station is jointly operated by and
The EVA bus departures are usually faster, taking +-3hrs45mins BUT there is no stop between Lisbon and Lagoa in the Algarve. 
The Rede-Expressos buses take longer but there are usually stops en route.
As mentioned above, also operate bus services from Lisbon Gare Oriente Bus Station to Lagos. However, these services take longer and from Marques de Pombal it will also take longer to get to that bus station..

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Public Transport to Lagos Zoo, Algarve,Portugal

How to get from Lagos to Zoolagos ( ) by Public Transport.

There are buses but the current frequency is not that great.
At weekends only two buses per day.
On weekdays there are more services.
You need Onda Green Line 6 Lagos to Barão São João - timetable in pdf and in portuguese is here:
The best downtown stop in Lagos is Portas do Portugal CTT (Opposite the MEO/PT building on the Avenida.)
There are departures at:
You descend at stop Medronhal - Zoo (norte).
Transit time is about 30 minutes.
There are return departures from stop Medronhal - Zoo (sul) at:

A couple of EVA Buses to Barao Sao Miguel go by the zoo.

See Cubsur's excellent site here for more info but be aware of the difference between summer and winter schedules! 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Public transport from Obidos to Porto

There are no direct bus services between Obidos & Porto.
The current CP timetable show two daily connections by rail changing at Caldas da Rainha and Coimbra-B.
Departures as follows:
Dept Obidos: 11h03
Arr Porto Campanha: 14h39
Dept Obidos:16h03
Arr Porto Campanha: 20h35
More info is available from the Portuguese Railways website at
The first two trains to Coimbra are regional trains and normally there are no reservations.
The Intercidades between Coimbra-B and Porto Campanha has to be booked.
This would mean getting a bus to Caldas, then to Coimbra, then Porto or back to Lisbon then onto Porto 
Two different companies are necessary with the first leg by local bus.
Personally, I would recommend the train option.

Friday, 12 February 2016

EN 125 - More Roadworks - Lagos - Portimão . February 2016

As from Monday, 15th February, 2016, for about a month, alternating traffic will be implemented on both the Boina Bridge and Arade bridge on the EN 125 between Lagos, Portimão and Lagoa.

Expect long traffic delays in peak period. 

See: (In Portuguese)

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Lisbon, Portugal - Sete Rios Train station to Cais do Sodre Train Station

There is no direct metro line between these two stations.

One can take the Green(Linha Verde) and Blue(Linha Azul) Metro lines between the two, changing at Baixa Chiado Station. 758 bus runs directly between Sete Rios Station and Cais de Sodre Station.
Every 10 minutes during the day. Transit time depending on traffic about 35 minutes & one gets to see Lisbon.

Details here:

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Cascais, Portugal - Comments on where to eat reasonably

We were in Cascais a couple of weeks ago.
We ate at two restaurants, neither of which were expensive and where the food was good.
I had an açorda das gambas (traditional alentejo bread stew with prawns which I love) which was to die for! It came in medium sized saucepan and would have done both of us! Cost was about 9.50€
The restaurant is located on the top floor of the old Cascais Market, where as a kid I used to see live poultry and wabbits being sold. The market is now a type of "Space" and there are other restaurants around there that look good as well. If I am correct we came out at about 13,00€ per head including drinks.
One should book as it is clear that it is very popular.
O Apeadeiro -
Found this on our first night. Good Portuguese food.
A bit pricey at the top end of the menu, but I had a good traditional Portuguese meat dish.
Again we both got out for under 15€ per head including drinks.
The food court on the top floor of the Cascais Vila Shopping Centre opposite the station has a range of eateries and on a good day wonderful views over the Tejo Estuary towards Caparica.
There are also two excellent Pastelerias/Cafes in Cascais run by the same group ( ) which also do small set dishes of the day (pratos de dia)!
I had soup and a vegetable lasanha type thing for about 5.00€
We go to this one near the Hotel Cidadela:
There is also a branch here:

Alvor, Algarve, Portugal - Public Transport to/from Lisbon, Portugal

Alvor is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination.

However, there are poor local public transport links linking Alvor to the train and bus stations at Portimão, the nearest main centre.

The bus company is the easiest option to travel directly from Lisbon to Alvor.

Bus timetable in pdf format is here:
I use RENEX if I need to get up to Lisbon Airport from Lagos, (final stop after Alvor) overnight, or to Porto as the connections are very easy..
At present, there are seven buses daily each way between Alvor and Lisbon.
These buses stop half-way up the motorway to Lisbon in the Alentejo for 15 minutes for a coffee, loo-stop and generally admiring the countryside or Alentejo night sky.
It is a pain one can't book online, but as long as one is at the ticket office at the Gare Oriente Bus Station, 30 minutes in advance, there is usually no problem with tickets..   

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Lagos, Algarve, Portugal - Travelling to/from Lisbon & Seville by Public transport

Visiting Lagos in the Western Algarve region of Southern Portugal.

Here's some tips on how to get to Lagos by public transport from both Lisbon, Portugal and Seville, Spain.

Travel to/from Lisbon, Portugal

There are both long distance buses and trains connecting Lisbon to Lagos.

Depending on time of year, there are approximately 18 services a day.

Train :

One takes either a Alfa-Pendular or Intercidades train with destination Faro, from one of two Lisbon main stations, Gare Oriente or Entrecampos. One changes at Tunes, a village in the interior of the Algarve countryside to a local train to Lagos. This takes about an hour.

Alfa-Pendular at Estação do Tunes, Algarve

The current timetable in pdf format can be found here:

Bus/Long Distance Coach::

There are three operators:

- EVA-Transport Mundial / Rede-Expressos who operate a combined direct(with stops) long-distance coach service from Lisbon Sete Rios Bus Station to Lagos and v.v.

Lisbon/Lisboa Sete Rios Bus/Coach Station - 2015

- which operates a long-distance coach service(with stops) from Lisbon Gare Oriente Bus Station to Lagos.

Transit times are between 03hrs 45mins and 04hrs30mins

Travel to/from Seville, Andalucia, Spain 

There are three operators.

EVA-Transport Mundial who operate a combined direct(with stops) long-distance coach service to/from Sevilla Plaza das Armas Bus Station to Lagos and v.v.
- also operates as service to/from  Sevilla Plaza das Armas Bus Station to Lagos and v.v.

The best presentation on these services can be found on Cubsur's excellent site here:

Cascais, Portugal - 2015 - Best Tourism Year ever

In an article, published today in the Portuguese online daily, it is reported that the town of Cascais, situated on the north side of the estuary of the Tagus, 30 kms west of Lisbon, had its best ever year for tourism.

Cascais, situated at the terminus of the "Linha da Cascais", the suburban rail line that runs from Lisbon's Cais de Sodre station, has long been a destination for the upmarket tourist segment.

However, these figures confirm qualitative data over the past two years from online sources such as, that increasingly tourists in general are looking at Cascais, and Estoril which lies in the Cascais Council area, as desirable destinations.

The bulk of visitors originated from the UK, Germany, Holland, Sweden and France. Visitors from Spain also favor the area, it being an easy drive from the Madrid region.

Costa de Estoril (6163586946) (3)

In part the development of low-cost flights into Lisbon Airport by airlines such as,,, are contributory factors. However, the write also believes that the fact that the Cascais region offers a range of tourist products, apart from beaches, makes it increasingly desirable. The proximity of the region to both Sintra and Lisbon also adds to the region's desirability.

However, there are a couple of issues that, in the writer's opinion, may restrict substantial future development of visitor numbers:
  1. Lack of direct reasonably priced public transport services such as direct buses/scheduled limo services  to Lisbon Airport. A direct hourly bus service from Cascais Station via Estoril Station to Lisbon Airport via the A5 motorway /CRIL would be a great improvement, especially with more airlines such as starting direct services to Lisbon Airport in 2016.. 
  2. Insufficient tourist accommodation, particularly in the budget/independent traveler end and apartment/villa rental sectors of the market. 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Top Restaurants in Lisbon,Portugal - 2015

Portuguese on-line Tourism Website has today announced the list of top restaurants in Lisbon for 2015 under the "Lisboa à Prova – Concurso Gastronómico" - competition.

"3 Garfos" - (Three Forks)(Top)

  • A Travessa 
  • Belcanto 
  • Eleven Feitoria 
  • O Nobre 
  • Restaurante Lapa 
  • Varanda

"2 Garfos" - (Two Forks)

  • 1300 Taberna
  • A Cevicheria
  • Bistrô 4
  • Cantinho do Avillez
  • Duplex
  • Enoteca de Belém
  • Estórias na Casa da Comida
  • Flor-de-Lis
  • Flores do Bairro
  • Grill D. Fernando
  • Leopold
  • Lisboa à Noite
  • Lisboète
  • Mensagem
  • Mini Bar
  • O Bem Disposto
  • O Talho
  • Panorama
  • Peixaria da Esquina
  • Rossio Bar Terraço
  • Sala de Corte
  • Salsa & Coentros
  • Sessenta
  • Tabik
  • Tasca da Esquina
  • Via Graça
  • Viva Lisboa
  • Volver de Carne Y Alma
  • Xapuri Bistro.

"1 Garfo" (One Fork)

  • 151 One Five One
  • 2 à Esquina, Iguarias e Petiscos
  • 5 Oceanos
  • A Casa do Bacalhau
  • A Fábrica de Santiago
  • A Tapadinha, Cozinha Russa
  • A Tasca do Tio Candinho
  • A Travessa do Fado
  • Adega da Tia Matilde
  • Adega Machado
  • Apicius
  • Aromas e Temperos
  • Aura Lounge Café
  • Bastardo
  • Bellalisa Elevador
  • Bistro Edelweiss
  • Blend
  • Brasserie de L’Entrecôte – Chiado
  • Brasserie de L’Entrecôte – Parque das Nações
  • Café Lisboa
  • Cantina da Estrela
  • Carmo
  • Cervejaria Portugália – Belém
  • Chefe Cordeiro
  • Coffee Shop Rendez Vous
  • De Castro Elias
  • Delícias de Goa
  • Dinastia Tang
  • Este Oeste
  • Everest Montanha – Avenida do Brasil
  • Faz Figura
  • Fumeiro de Santa Catarina
  • Grei
  • Grelhados de Alcântara
  • Gustus e Sushi Alentejano
  • In Bocca al Lupo
  • Jockey
  • Kampai
  • La Paparrucha
  • Le Moustache
  • Lost In Esplanada Bar
  • Madragoa Café
  • Maria Catita
  • Marisqueira D’Pescador
  • Mercearia de L Praino
  • Meson Andaluz
  • Mô Petiscaria
  • Moules & Beer
  • My Story Rossio
  • Nogueira´s Fire Food
  • O Guarda-Mor
  • O Mercado
  • O Polícia
  • Oficina do Duque
  • Oito Dezoito
  • Open Brassserie Mediterrânica
  • Páteo Velho – Ordem dos Médicos
  • Pimenta Rosa
  • Pizzaria Lisboa
  • Pizzaria Luzzo
  • Restaurante Bordalo Pinheiro – Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Restaurante Carnalentejana
  • Restaurante D’Bacalhau
  • Sacramento do Chiado
  • Sagrada Família
  • Salsa Rosa Bistro
  • Sem Dúvida
  • Senhor Peixe
  • Servejaria
  • Solar dos Leitões
  • Solar dos Nunes
  • Sushi Café Amoreiras
  • Sushi Café Avenida
  • Tapa Bucho
  • Tasca Urso
  • Tentações de Goa
  • Tertúlia do Paço
  • The Decadente
  • The George
  • The Insólito
  • The Old House
  • Trivial
  • Tsubaki
  • U Chiado
  • Uai!
  • Varanda de Lisboa
  • Very Important Picanha
  • Vicente by Carnalentejana
  • Wasabi Sushi Bar
  • Zambeze.

The full article, (in Portuguese can be found here):

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Sources of Wedding Planners - Algarve and Portugal

This is a resource where I will periodically post updated links on known wedding planners capable of helping organising weddings in in Portugal and also the Algarve region of Portugal.

Courtesy of Twitter - Algarve Wedding Resources

Courtesy of Twitter - Portugal Wedding Resources

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Lagos, Portugal to Lisbon, Portugal using

I use the EVA bus/coach service from Lagos to Lisbon frequently.

The service from Lagos calls at Praia da Rocha, Portimão, Lagoa and then proceeds DIRECT NON-STOP to Lisboa Sete Rios Rodoviarío (bus station).

Lisboa Sete Rios Bus Station


Transit time from Lagos is 3hr45mins.

There is NO STOP between Lagoa and Sete Rios! This takes about 2hrs45mins

There is an on-board toilet and occasionally, a cafe service.

If the bus is full it can be fun!!.

On-board EVA Bus leaving Lagos, Portugal
Rede-Expressos and RENEX buses from Lagos to Lisbon do stop en-route, usually at the Aljustrel Service Area on the A2 Lisbon - Algarve Motorway. Transit Time is longer (up to 4hrs30mins) but, at least, one has 15 minutes to stretch one's legs. If one, takes the overnight RENEX service, and there are no clouds, one has the opportunity to marvel for 15 minutes at the beautiful night sky over the Alentejo!

Between the three bus services, there are, at least, 16 daily services between Lagos and Lisbon. In Summer frequencies increase.

Lagos Bus Station
A Final Point! The Renex service has its Lisbon terminal at Gare Oriente Bus Station which is only 3 Metro stops from Lisbon Airport.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Vacances au Portugal - Appartement à louer - Lagos, Algarve

Rêvez-vous d'un endroit isolé vert et agréable pour vos prochaines vacances?

“La mer?”

“...Qu'on voit danser le long des golfes clairs..” ?

“ La mer bergère d'azur...Infinie!” ?

Prés de la ville historique de Lagos, située sur la 1e etage de Casa Beachcomber, un ancien “country-club” entourée d'un jardin verdant, existe le “Balcony Apartment”.

Balcony Apartment
Avec des vues du balcon vers la belle plage de “Meia Praia” et l''Atlantique, cet apartement est idéal pour les voyageurs seuls ou les couples.

Composé d´une chambre avec lit matrimonial, salle de bain en-suite, une cuisine bien équipée, et salle, c'est une destination ideal pour ceux que veulent des vacances tranquilles, mais avec l'accès facile aux restaurantes, supermarchés et la plage.

en savoir plus, cliquez ici

Sunday, 3 January 2016

The current best way to get to Granada from Seville by Public Transport

There is currently no train service between Antequera and Granada, as the line is being upgraded to AVE/TGV standard.
The work is way behind schedule.
I was in Granada over Christmas and chatting to the tourist operators there, it is clear that there is no confirmed public date for the start of service.
Driving from Seville to Granada it was clear from the road after Antequera, that although much of the civils are now completed, a lot remains to be done on track laying and completion of catenary and power supply.
So for the moment, bus is the only option.
I have checked the Spanish press since returning and there is talk of the line being open in the 1st quarter 2016. However, there are problems with station facilities in Granada.
Methinks this is going to run for a while.

Update: 10 January 2016 Article in the Spanish press about the railway line to Granada:
However, Visit Granada!!!!
It was my 4th time and I love it!