Thursday, 1 June 2017

Portugal - Algarve - Bus Transport - Lisbon & Lagos - New Timetables - 1 June 2017

After many years,as from today, 1 June 2017, there have been big changes in the bus services operating between Lisbon, Portugal and Lagos in the Algarve Region of Southern Portugal

This article also applies to former RENEX services to the towns of Alvor, Portimão,Praia da Rocha, Lagoa, Armação da Pera.

As from today, RENEX Services have been merged with the services of the main national bus company Rede-expressos. 

Tickets on buses to the Algarve operated by EVA, RENEX and Rede-Expressos can now be bought online via the Rede-Expressos website:

In Lagos, ALL bus services to Lisbon now depart from the main bus station just off the Avenida dos Descobrimentos.. 

RENEX Services continue to serve Lisbon Oriente Coach Station at Gare Oriente Railway Station, including the overnight services.

However, all services now call at Lisbon Sete Rios Coach Station first.

Links to extracts (pdf) from the new timetables valid from 1 June 2017 are shown below
(Disclaimer: Please check the bus company's online websites for latest timetables): 

Lisbon Sete-Rios <> Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Lisbon Oriente via Lisbon Sete-Rios <> Lagos, Algarve, Portugal