Thursday, 30 July 2009

Ryanair - New Routes from Faro and Porto have announced the launching of new routes from several European airports to the Canary Islands for Winter 2009/2010.

These include a new route from Porto to Gran Canaria and to Tenerife.


Ryanair is also relaunching its Liverpool to Faro route in late October.


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Lisboa para Sevilla


Partida: Lisboa Sete Rios


Saida Chegada
Lisboa Seville
09:00 17:45
21:30 05:45 dia seguinte.

Preço - ida: € 35.00

De Sevilla ficas necessario pegar um comboio de ou outro autocarro para Cordoba.

Faro - Forum Algarve Shopping Centre - Baggage Lockers

An interesting report here (in portuguese):

It states that the Forum Algarve Shopping Centre is to launch displays showing arrival and departure times of flights at Faro Airport. It is also to make lockers available to store luggage for short periods.

This service is aimed at travellers whose flights may be delayed or have to check out of their accommodation early and would rather spend their time at the Shopping Centre instead of the airport.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Ballet classes - Western Algarve

There is a well established ballet school in Lagos run by Gwen Franco (who is english) which follows the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus.

Website in portuguese here:

Driving from Lisbon to Albufeira?

Have a look at this article from last year on my blog.

If you take the toll motorway, the drive is about 2hrs 45mins to 3 hours with stops.

If you want a more leisurely drive take the motorway over the Vasco da Gama bridge and follow it till the Marateca off-ramp. Follow the signs for Grandola and the IC 1 and wind your way down to the Algarve.

Time with stops 4 hours.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Faro to Jerez de los Caballeros

This is a very difficult trip.

There are no trains from Faro to this area.

I am currently traveling but will post a fuller reply within 24 hours

I have now researched this question more fully. It is not an easy trip by Public Transport.

There are no suitable rail services.

The following is the only bus routing I can find at present which includes bus changes in Seville and Zafra.

There is a Damas/EVA bus leaving Faro Bus Station daily at 07:40 arriving in Seville Plaza da Armas Bus Station at 11:30.

There is a bus service leaving Seville Mondays to Fridays at 13:00 operated by

This arrives in ZAFRA at 14:45. There is a departure from ZAFRA at 15:10 arriving at Jerez de los Caballeros at 16:00

Madrid, Spain to Cascais, Portugal

Cascais is a suburb of Lisbon situated about 20km along the River Tejo estuary from Lisbon centre.

From Madrid you will have to get to Lisbon centre first and then by train to Cascais.

Even by air it will be difficult to do in a day as getting from Lisbon Airport to Cascais by public transport will take at least two hours.

Low Cost Airlines and operate Madrid to Lisbon and vice versa several times per day.

Easyjet have a weekday departure from Madrid at 06:55, arriving Lisbon at 07:15. (Portuguese Time.)

Vueling have a weekday departure from Madrid at 09:45, arriving Lisbon at 09:55. (Portuguese Time.)

You would then have to get the Aerobus service from outside the arrivals hall to Cais de Sodre:


From Cais de Sodre you would them have to get a train to Cascais which takes about 35 minutes. On weekdays, trains
that leave every 15 minutes on the 15 minute mark are high speed to Cascais.

Easyjet has a return flight daily from Lisbon to Madrid leaving at 20:25, arriving 22:40.

Vueling has a return flight daily from Lisbon to Madrid leaving at 20:45, arriving 22:55.

There is only one overnight train per day between Lisbon and Madrid and buses take 6 to 7 hours. I strongly recommend flying.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Falfeira, Lagos

As the fly crows, Falfeira is about 1 km from the Modelo supermarket down a dirt track which is not in very good condition.

By tar road it is about 4km from town. Walking is totally impracticable as there are long hills.

You would definitely need a car for the shopping etc.

Follow-up: 19:30

Just been up there.

Casa Sebastião is situated at the extreme east end of Falfeira and technically 1km by road from Lagos.....THE TOWN BOUNDARY sign behind McDonalds on the road to Aljezur! Just measured it on the speedo.

It is situated on the road, that runs from the Lagos to Portelas/Bensafrim, along the ridge behind Lagos to Funchal Ridge.

As I stated earlier it is not easily accesible by foot from Lagos. It is at least 2km if not 2,5 km from the main centre or town down the Avenida. The climb back up is along a national road with no sidewalk. It is a constant steady climb for about 800 metres.

The nearest supermarket (most direct by road) is Pingo Doce about 1,5 to 1,8 km away.

In my opinion it is defintely a villa where a car is required!

The green arrow shown on the following google map gives an approx location within 30 metres.,-8.691131&t=h&sll=37.15781,-8.734502&sspn=0.071158,0.128059&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=37.115893,-8.691194&spn=0.00397,0.009645&z=17

Addendum - November 20, 2009.

Taxis in Lagos are expensive. I would think a fare to and from town would be in the order +- € 6/7 each time.

There are regular buses that pass down the road to Portelas - EN120 with two stops one each about 120 metres either side of the intersection. They are Curvas do Garrocho and ETAR.

Lagos bus company - - operates two lines via those stops:


Algarve Bus Company - also operates its service to Aljezur along this route.

The climb up to the villa is a long incline as I have said before and there are no pavement along the side of the road. That makes this section of road between Macdonalds and the house dangerous, particularly at night!!!

If you have any doubts, I strongly suggest you hire a car!!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Warning: Hotel Turim Ibéria - Avda 5 de Outobro

We are currently visiting Lisbon and are staying at the above-mentioned hotel having found a good deal on the web.


Entrecampos Rail station is within walking distance as is Campo Pequeno Metro.

However, we were not made very welcome at reception on arrival yesterday.

On entering our rooms at 14:30, following a hot trip from the Algarve, we found no bath towels in the bathroom.

We complained and at about 15:30 they finally arrived.

Today we have been in town all morning. On arriving back at 15:00, we again found no bath towels nor bath mat. We just wanted a shower!

It is now 17:12 and after 2 calls to reception (in Portuguese - We speak it) still no towels! Excuses abound - The towels are being distributed now etc etc.

The Wifi here is also spasmodic.

So be warned, although the rooms are reasonable (ours has a badly marked dressing table)this is not, at present, a good hotel in terms of client service.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Up to Lisbon Today!

Shot (untreated )of the Tagus overlooking Alcantara Mar Cruise Terminal taken from the train from the Algarve crossing Pont 25 de Abril.

Currently in Lisbon!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Estoril - Roman Catholic Church

According to the diocesan website:

Estoril (Santo António) –

Igreja Paroquial Santo António,
Av. Marginal, 2765­‑245 ESTORIL.
Tel. 214680342; Fax 214649050;
Email: –
António Fernando Paiva Teixeira; Vigário Paroquial

Times of Mass here:

Lagos, Algarve to Santander, Spain

There is no cheap and quick way to get from Lagos, Portugal to Santander, Spain. It practically impossible to do the trip cheaply in one day.

The following to me seems to be the best option:


20h16 21h55

LAGOS: 20:16
FARO: 21:55
Change trains at Tunes Junction.

Price: € 12:85

Earlier train at 19:15 - Price: € 6.15

Walk to Faro Bus Station.

Bus: (Daily) (operated by

FARO: 01:45
SEVILLA: 05:45

Change bus:

SEVILLA: 09:30

Price: € 49,32

Have a look at this recent article on my blog which will give some explanation although it pertains to doing the trip the other way.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Algarve Classic Car Rally 2009

Website here:


Albufeira/Olhos D'Agua from Lisbon airport

Have a look at this article on my blog.

You will not have enough time to catch the 20:30 bus to Albufeira Centro.

However, there is a Rede Expresso bus from Lisbon Sete Rios to Albufeira Bus Station about 1km from the town centre as follows:

Dept: 22:30 Arr:01:30
Only runs between 1st June and 15th Sept.

Be aware that there may be no taxis available at the bus station on arrival owing to the late hour. You should probably arrange to be met. also have a 01:00 departure from Lisbon Gare Oriente Bus Station arriving Albufeira 04:30. (Not Saturday Nights.)

Timetables: Download timetables via my blog as indicated above. (RENEX Bus Service - Lisbon to Algarve timetable)

Need of a jacket in the evening?

Last night I was on Meia Praia beach at Bahia Bar at 22:00. It was breezy and definitely heading for slightly chilly.

A jacket is a definite must here in Lagos for theh evenings.

Dona Ana Garden vs. Residencial Lagosmar

The Residencial Lagosmar is situated right in the Centre of Lagos in a back street. It is very Central but you will have at least a 1km walk to the nearest beach.

Dona Ana Garden looks like a group of rental apartments situated around Praia Dona Ana. The nearest to town are situated about 20 minutes walk from the town centre. The Calvis is a similar distance from the town centre.

New Easyjet Route - Paris - Faro

Easyjet have begun their new (summer for now) route from Paris to Faro.

See this article:

If this route is going to become year round there is a real need to ensure that residents in the Algarve patronise the route as well as tourists.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Car Hire - Algarve - Summer 2009

Search this Algarve forum. This matter has been debated incessantly.

Be aware that because of the economic crisis car hire companies in Portugal and Spain have substantially reduced their fleets this summer so there are fewer cars available and prices have gone up.

You may already find it hard to find what you want at the price you want.

In terms of best offer/service with pick up from Faro airport have a look at:

Luzcar - - Prices are slightly higher than others but are all inclusive and include 2nd driver and travel to Spain as far as Seville.

I have used them for at least 10 years.

Auto Jardim -

Well established local car hire company with offices throughout throughout the Algarve and Portugal.

Yorcar -

Well established local car hire company.

All of the above are reputable established local companies.

Budget Hotels close to beach in Lagos

It is unlikely that you will get an apartment for 4 days only. Most apartment rentals are for a minimum of 7 days although you may get lucky.

There is a paucity of low cost hostelries close to Meia Praia.

You could have a look at Dom Pedro Meia Praia Beach Club Hotel. This is right on Meia Praia and has been having some offers recently.

As regards Dona Ana there are several guest houses in in the area.

The Montemar Hotel Lagos is about 10 minutes by foot from Dona Ana but is also 10 minutes from the town centre on foot. It is a budget type hotel.

Also have a look at Sollagos Apartamentos Turisticos, near the Montemar.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Bus from Vila Gale to center of Lagos?

There is an Onda local bus Line 2 / Blue Line that passes in front of the pool area of the Vila Gale.

There is a bus stop at Bairro 10 de Maio, 2 minutes from the Vila Galé.

There are buses every 40 minutes or so during the week and there is a summer service with buses every hour on the hour until 23:30.

Vila Gale by foot is about 20 minutes from the Avenida. if you cut through Dunas Douradas, by the Station and over the marina foot bridge.

I know, I live here.

Sunday Mass - Albufeira

Had a look at the local diocesan web site.

Looks like the best option will be:

Here we go:

Nossa Senhora da Conceição
Tv. da Igreja Matriz, 6 - 8200-183 ALBUFEIRA

Mass at:

Saturday: 18:00, 22:00 (Summer), Sunday: 09:30, 11:00, 19:00 (Summer)


Driving Lisbon Airport to Carvoeiro, Algarve, Portugal

Driving Directions here:(you will have to copy and paste into your web browser:),+Santa+Maria+dos+Olivais,+Lisboa,+1700,+Portugal+(LIS+-+Lisbon+International+Airport)&daddr=Carvoeiro,+Portugal&hl=en&geocode=FaOGTwIdurJ0_w%3B&mra=ls&sll=37.974515,-8.893433&sspn=2.009162,4.938354&ie=UTF8&ll=37.939865,-8.640747&spn=2.010109,4.938354&t=h&z=8

For group 1 vehicles, the current south bound toll on the A2 to Paderne is in the order of 18.60 EUR.
Reply to this post

Pay as you go Dongle in Portugal

Yes. I use one a back up when visit clients.

Performance is generally good but depends on location. I have had up to 5 computers running on one via a router, albeit in an area where the nearest mobile tower was only 1km away over flat ground.



Coverage in Mountains is patchy. The system depends in line of site and to get good performance you need a good 3G mobile phone signal. I strongly recommend potential buyers to test their signal first with a good 3G phone or computer equipped with a dongle before purchasing.

There are three basic units on sale in Portugal, Vodafone, TMN and Kanguru. They can usually be had in any Mobile phone shop, Worten, Vobis and Fnac Stores.

Prices vary but if you are in the Mountains you will probably want a powerful dongle like the Huawei E172 which runs at up to 7.2 Mbps and currently costs € 49.90. in Worten / Best Day. is not who are still operational. It is a totally different company.

The website is not operational.

Its whois record shows that the domain was owned by Best Day who we know from posts have gone bust.

See this link:

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Alvor or lagos

As the fly crows, Alvor is only 6kms from Lagos across the bay.

Unfortunately, flies don't crow here in the Algarve and the road route loops inland and the distance is about 30kms.

Lagos is a great place but be aware of our recent comments in this forum about our ongoing building work.

Most of the work should be finished by spring next year and the centre should be back to normal with an improved water front.

We have more bars and restaurants than Alvor and great hidden beaches.

Algarve Car Hire - Summer 2009

I am writing this in the offices of clients of mine in Lagos who deal with several car hire companies in the Algarve.

As of this morning, Luzcar reported that they had no vehicles available for the next week and Guerin are reporting that they have no vehicles left for at least the next month.

It appears that owing to the economic down turn and the need to balance short-term summer fleet needs with 10 months of low fleet usage, Algarve car hire firms have reduced their fleets to a level where demand may exceed supply this year.

I was at Faro Airport on Monday and I thought that the fleet parks for many of the car hire companies were emptier than usual. This appears now to have been confirmed.

This situation also seems to mirror reports off similar problems from Spain.

Lisbon to Sevilla

Summer 2009: bus service::

Lisbon to Seville


Lisbon Seville
09:00 17:45
21:30 05:45 next day.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

West/Central Algarve - TV/DVD/Home Entertainment equipment

The best places in terms of range, price and quality in the West/Central Algarve, IMHO, for TV/DVD/Home Entertainment equipment are:

1) FNAC - Algarve Shopping in Guia
2) Radio Popular - Portimão Retail Park and Guia
3) The New Worten at the new Retail Park in Portimão opposite Mad Max.

All the above also have good online sites where you can check out their stock beforehand.

In Lagos, the guys at Worten in Modelo are v. helpful and if they don't have what you want in stock they will try to get it for you.

If you want to go on a day trip, El Corte Inglés in Huelva and Media Markt
in Seville are very good as well in terms of quality and often price. El Corte Ingles also offers good insurance options for expensive equipment.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Tavira to Seville

There are no trains between Tavira and Seville.

The train line terminates at the Portuguese/Spanish Frontier at Vila Real Sta. Antonio.

The line from Ayamonte to Huelva on the Spanish side was torn up about 15 years ago. Also there are only about 2 trains a day from Huelva to Seville.

Bus is the only way to get from Tavira to Seville.

There are currently four services daily.

You can find the timetables on this page at Cubsur's excellent website here:

Faro Airport - Update

Am writing this at the landside mezzanine cafe above arrivals at Faro Airport.

The airport authorities appear to have recently introduced a new arrivals control system. People meeting friends or family at Faro can no longer go all the way to the exit from the baggage hall.

The Airport has placed a barrier about 50m down the concourse from the exit to the baggage hall. There are stern faced securities guards stopping the normal public from entering.

So when passengers not on package tours now arrive, on exiting the baggage hall, they have to walk 50 metres through a gauntlet of agents and tour companies before they can exit the cordon and meet friends or family meeting them.

I understand the need for controlling numbers in airports but I do feel it is not right that the general public travelling privately should be discriminated against.

If I have elderly relatives or friends, I would like to meet them outside the exit from the baggage hall not 50 metres away through a gauntlet.

There is a need for a special exit and separate hall for passenges arriving on package tours.

Vodafone Vita Net Life mobile broadband - Portugal

Latest Tariffs here:

In addition to Multibanco, you can also top these up with cash at any shop displaying the PAYSHOP sign,(this includes Post Offices)as well as anywhere that tops up mobile phones.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Frankfurt to Lisbon - Flights

Ryanair does not operate Frankfurt-Main to Lisbon.

There is a Ryanair service from Hahn Airport (100 km from Frankurt) to Faro Airport in the Algarve, a couple of times a week. There are regular buses from Hahn to Frankfurt centre. Ryanair also has services from Hahn to Porto. From either of these centres you can get trains or buses to Lisbon.

TAP/Lufthansa have the route Lisbon - Frankfurt-Main tied up.

You might get a better deal to Lisbon on via their hub at Palma da Mallorca. Express operate joint flights on the Frankfurt-Main to Faro route.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

One Way Car Hire - Spain / Algarve, Portugal

*****URGENT NEW COMMENT - 11th July 2009 ***** has been the first site for which I have taken banners on this blog.

However, since starting a few weeks ago. it has become clear that the provider of the vehicles in Spain have no vehicles available for, at least, summer 2009 rental from Spain to Portugal.

The web site operator, who I have know for a long time is most annoyed as well. The issue is being taken up by the aforementioned car rental provider involved.

However, for the present, I will be changing the banner and apologise to all those who have been frustrated through this link and post.

Should the situation improve and/or resolve itself, I will announce it here.

Again my apologies.

*****URGENT NEW COMMENT - 11th July 2009 *****

Friday, 10 July 2009

Lisbon Airport to Portimão

Unfortunately, CP (portuguese railways have recently desisted from doing a printed downloadable timetable for Lisbon to Tunes and onto Portimão/Lagos).

Fortunately, Cubsur has much of the information over on his excellent site at:

If you also go to my blog at:

Scroll down on the right hand panel until you come to the section entitled:

»» Algarve & Portugal - Travel Transport Links

You will find links to the Renex Bus Timetables and Portuguese Railways - Lisbon/Faro and Algarve Lines Timetables.

As regards getting from Lisbon Airport to Gare Oriente....

(Aeroshuttle - Copy of note from current Lisbon Airport website.

- Aeroshuttle (CARRIS Nº96) - Available everyday, every 30 minutes between 7am and 11pm, the aeroshuttle connects Gare Oriente - Airport - Entrecampos - Sete Rios - Praça de Espanha.

Tickets (3,50€) can be purchased onboard and also in the Tourism Office at arrivals (public area).

Tel. +351 213 582 334)

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Free wifi - Portugal

How I didn't pick this up before, working in IT as I do, I do not know!

Basically, all Mcdonalds in Portugal have free wifi:

Writing this in Mcdonalds Lagos and prejudicing my health.

Although Mcdonalds do not advertise it on the shop floor, they do have free wifi access at present in most Portuguese Mcdonalds. I spoke to the manager and here are the details.

You fire up your machine and open your web browser.

You will be taken directly to the website of

On the top of the resultant page is a box for user login and password. Use the following user name and password:


password: mcdonalds

Hopefully this will work in all Mcdonalds throughout the Algarve and most of Portugal."

Certainly worth a cup of coffee.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Lisbon - Albufeira Train

Albufeira Train Station is actually situated approx 7kms from Albufeira in the village of Ferreiras. There are buses connecting with some trains although not all. A cab might be appropriate.

The Europcar Depot at Rua Doutor Diogo Leote is not that accessible to either the train depot or the intercity bus stops. You would need to take a taxi and that could be a problem, as from memory there are not that many stationed at the Albufeira Bus Terminal.

What might be better would be to take the train from Lisbon to Faro (another twenty minutes or so.)

The Europcar office there, is about a 5 minute walk along a flat street from the Railway Station.

Link here:

Address here:

8000-079 FARO Portugal

Código estação: FAOC01
Tel.: (351) 823778
Fax: (351) 805051

If you have to go to Albufeira, I would recommend taking the RENEX bus from Lisbon (Oriente) bus station .

You can find the timetables and other info on this recent post on my blog:

Lagos - Summer Bus Service.

The Lagos bus operator is again this year operating a summer evening service.

The main service linking Meia Praia with Porto da Mós via the centre is operating in July and August.

Link to the timetable:

Lines 1 (circular), 3 (Lagos – Odiáxere) and 4 (Lagos – Luz (Praia da Luz) – Almádena – Burgau) will operate until 24h00, with line 6 (Lagos – Bensafrim – Barão de São João) operating till 22h00.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Lisbon - Estoril Train

Estoril is the second last station on the Linha da Cascais suburban railway that runs from Cais de Sodre in downtown Lisbon to the town/suburb Cascais.

Trains run between every 15 minutes to every 30 minutes depending on the day/time of week/day/night.

Trains start at 05:30 and run till 01:30.

Note there are some trains that terminate at Oeiras half way to Cascais. Make sure you get on the one for Cascais.

Vilamoura / Quarteira Wifi

List of wifi locations in Vilamoura:


Does not look like there are any free ones.

According to AlgarveDigital, there are two free wifi locations in Quarteira, right next door to Vilamoura.



Be aware that as these are in council installations, range may be limited and you may have to perch on a bollard outside to use the service!

Portuguese - Days of the Week.

Portuguese English

Segunda-Feira or 2ª/2ªs = Monday
Terça-Feira or 3ª/3ªs = Tuesday
Quarta-Feira or 4ª/4ªs = Wednesday
Quinta-Feira or 5ª/5ªs = Thursday
Sexta-Feira or 6ª/6ªs = Friday
Sabado = Saturday
Domingo = Sunday

Feriado = Public Holiday
Feira = Fair/Market

Sabado - Portuguese wikipedia shows this deriving from the Latin word sábbătum and the hebrew word for the Sabbath.

Domingo - Wikipedia suggests that this originates from the Catholic liturgy and refers to the "Day of the Lord."



Monday, 6 July 2009

Response to Complaints about Car Hire Firms in Europe

I totally disagree.

We do not need more EU regulation as prices will jump sky high!

What is needed is more complaints to the companies themselve, on the web and for customers to get wise to the companies that do offer a better service.

Far too often, the problem lies with customers who want the cheapest car on offer for nothing! They then complain when something goes wrong. It doesn't work that way. Also having often seen the way many renters treat hire cars when on the road, its no surprise that clients get treated with short shrift.

When you've seen some irresponsible fool on holiday driving an expensive rental Opel cabriolet like a madman along a dirt track up and down a hillside or have been nearly run of the road by some drunk driving a small Group A car (Chevy Matiz) along a small beach side road at maximum warp and nearly rolling it, one develops some empathy for the attitudes of car hire companies.

Let Brussels get involved, watch hundreds of car rental firms and websites throughout Europe close up shop, with the resultant further increase in unemployment.

People should get wise. Search the web / tripadvisor before travelling and book with companies that have consistent good recommendations, EVEN though the price is a little higher!

Also as regards fleet/Group harmonisation, this would be impossible, given the permutation of number of models / engine size / vehicle types on sale though out Europe.

We need to get more self-responsible ourselves and get Brussels butting out of our lives not into it!

Finally, just aim for a car that suits your needs.

If one wants peace of mind, go with a reputable firm and ENJOY one's holiday. Then one does not have to worry!

By the way, the comments about also apply to holiday rental properties and hotels.

The number of people who come on holiday to the Algarve expecting and/or looking for problems has astounded me over the years. They go back as stressed as they came.

If one is coming on a budget holiday, because that fits a budget...accept it and enjoy it.If one can't, one may as well enjoy your break by relaxing at home at avoiding the strain.

Is there enough to do in Lagos?

In August, there will be plenty to do here! It is our busiest time. Lots of nightlife, bars, restaurants with great beaches and a historic town which retains its Portuguese character, unlike several towns along the Algarve.

In the daytime, you can explore the West Coast towards Sagres with its rugged coastline, hidden beaches.

To explore anywhere in the Algarve outside of the towns, a rental car is advisable. (If you are from across the pond, remember to specify an automatic shift as most hire cars here are manual shift.)

If you only have a week, spend three days in Lisbon en route, a day travelling to and from Lagos, and three days in Lagos or a combination thereof.

For travel info on how to get to and from Lagos from Lisbon, have a look at the articles on my blog under this link:

Also have a look at this article on wikipedia:,_Portugal

I was recently chatting to some OZ and US backpackers staying at one of the hostels here and they reckoned that 3 to 4 days is an ideal time to spend in Lagos.

Friday, 3 July 2009

More New Routes

Following the recent announcement of new routes from Porto by Ryanair, Easyjet have today announced two new daily routes serving the Portuguese Market starting from 2nd November 2009.

These will be:

Lisbon - Rome
Porto - London (Gatwick)



The train timetable is exactly as indicated on the CP Website.

The fare per person will be a minimum of €19,50 per person. You will need to add to that the cost a taxi from Faro Airport to Faro Station. If there are two of you you will therefore have to budget an extra £ 50 pounds at least to get to Lisbon.

The alternative by hire car one way would be doable. Based, for example, on website quotes thru, a 24 hours one-way rental would be a minimum of €116.00 for a small Renault Clio.

Faro Airport - New Hub

There are reports today that ANA, Portuguese Airport Authority, is in negotiation with an unnamed airline (Ryanair?) to open a new hub at Faro Airport to further promote the Algarve tourist industry,

In certain articles it is reported that Ryanair are interested also in operating domestic flights in Portugal. According to a report in the Portuguese Newspaper Publico, one route being considered is Porto to Faro.

We will have to see if the Portuguese Government is ready to approve this as it would compete directly with both Rail and Bus Companies operating the route. Nonetheless, it would be a very useful route.

Ryanair - New Porto Base - New Flight

Gievn my previous comments about Ryanair's activities, I'm not sure that this is good news or not.

However, Ryanair have today announced that they are to base 2 aircraft at Porto Airport as from 1st September, 2009.

They will increase the number of flights to Beauvais, 85km North-West of Paris to two per day.

The airline will also operate new routes from Porto to Basel, Eindhoven, St Etienne, France (61 km from Lyon) and Tours, France.