Sunday, 30 June 2013

Wizzair - 2nd Ukranian base at Donetsk announced

Wizzair announced last week the launch of their 2nd base in the Ukraine from 1st October 2013.

New routes are to launched to London Luton, Milan-Bergamo, Munich Memmingen and Rome Fiumicino. 

Press Release here:

Coimbra - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Coimbra is definitely worth a visit! It's one of my favorite towns in Portugal.
It is full of character and has one of the oldest Universities in the world..older than Oxford and Cambridge
The old University complex was made a UNESCO world heritage site just a couple of weeks ago.
Here is the video that was submitted to UNESCO with Coimbra's submission:

Here is a report (in Portuguese) on a spontaneous concert and celebration organised via social networks on the evening that the UNESCO decison was made. The songs and music are traditional Coimbra fado originally sung only by male students.
Some more info here:

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Lagos, Algarve, Portugal - Security Warning for Travellers

Much as I regret it, I have to report about what appears to be a deteriorating security situation in Lagos.
In the past ten days I have been apprised of at least two late night muggings of young foreign women in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal, a major break-in into a ground floor apartment used as an annex by a major hostel, and finally a day-time theft of a handbag in a villa on Meia-Praia where the owner had left a ground floor window open.
The muggings and break-in all happened close to the old town. In at least, one case the muggers tried to nick bags from girls walking in a group! Luckily, in their case, a passing Portuguese lady in a car made chase and helped recover the bag.
In the other case, the girl in question stopped the guy from taking her bag but ended up with a couple of torn tendons.
Lagos is still a great place for a vacation. However, there is increasing crime everywhere these days.
However, I do counsel people to be careful.
At night, if possible, eschew handbags for moneybelts for carrying valuables.
If you are renting a villa or ground floor apartment make sure the windows and doors are secured when you do not have direct line of site of the villa.
And folks, above all, "...Hey!....lets be careful, out there"!!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Saturday, 22 June 2013

University of Coimbra declared World Heritage Site

The national Portuguese Daily, Publico has just reported that after 15 years of lobbying, UNESCO has, this Saturday, declared the University of Coimbra and its environs a world heritage site.

See (in Portuguese):

The sounds of Lisbon | euronews, world news

Yesterday night a different type of musical event was presented in down-town Lisbon.

See the following news report from Euronews....

The sounds of Lisbon | euronews, world news

Friday, 21 June 2013

Payshops in Monchique, Algarve, Portugal


Payshops in Monchique:

Papelaria Livraria Estrela
Morada:Rua Calouste Gulbenkian, nº 33
8550-435 Monchique

Papelaria Livraria Santo António II
Morada:Praça Dom Afonso Henriques, nº 5, 6 e 6 A
8550-434 Monchique
Minimercado Barata Feio
Morada:Rua São Pedro, nº 24
8550-445 Monchique

Morada:Largo Pé da Cruz, s/nº, Ceiceira
8550-457 Monchique

Jogaki Helena Rosa
Morada:Praça Dom Afonso Henriques, 5 6 e 6A
8550-434 Monchique

There is a CTT Post Office at
8550-999 MONCHIQUE

However, the CTT website ( gives no indication if tolls can be paid there there.

Ryanair buys 175 jets in plan for €10 transatlantic flights | Irish Examiner

Ryanair buys 175 jets in plan for €10 transatlantic flights | Irish Examiner

However, services years down the line!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Ryanair to Iceland?

Interesting report this morning on the fact that Ryanair may be in discussions with Icelandic Airports Authority about the possibility of launching services to and from Iceland.


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Uma vista diferente

O navío Juan Carlos I (L61) da Marinha espanhola (Transporte Aviões STOVL e Helicópteros) está atualmente navegando ao longo do litoral do Algarve. Já ultraopassou Lagos e continuar navegar na direcção da Portimão, Albufeira, etc

Uma vista maravilhosa num belo dia de verão com mars azuis e com várias AV8 jatos Harrier a bordo.

Lagos, Algarve, Portugal - Unusual Sight

The Spanish Navy STOVL/Helicopter Carrier Juan Carlos I (L61) is currently sailing along the Algarve Coast from Lagos heading towards Portimão, Albufeira etc.
A wonderful sight on a beautiful summer's day with blue seas with several AV8 Harrier jump jets appearing to be on deck

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Faro, Algarve - Novos Serviços de Transporte Publico arrancam hoje!

O jornal Sul publicam hoje um artigo sobre a nova rede de transportes publicos que arrancam-se hoje no Capital Algarvio!

Artigo aqui:

Podem encontrar o sítio web da nova rede, chamado "Proximo" aqui:

Train from Lisbon to Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

The two daily Alfa-Pendular and three Intercidades trains leaving from Lisboa Entrecampos for the Algarve have Faro as their terminus.
To travel to Lagos by Train, one must descend at Tunes Junction and connect to a local train to Lagos.
If one searches the in the panel on the top right hand of the first page for trains from Lisboa Entrecampos to Lagos and then click on the "details" link next to each result on the following page, it shows Tunes these details.
There are NO direct trains from Lisboa to Lagos.
However, we use the train regularly to get up and down from Lagos to Lisboa and the change at Tunes usually works like clockwork as one has +- 10 to 20 minutes to wait after the Lisbon train arrives before the Lagos one comes in and wanders of down to Lagos.
By public transport the only way to get from Lisboa to Lagos directly is by long-distance coach.
However, this takes a minimum of 3hrs:45mins with no stops! (On board toilet!) Not recommended for kids, especially in summer. (See:
There are slower buses or which do stop en-route for 15-20 minutes but these take up to 4hrs:30mins to do the trip.
Take it from an old hand....Take the train!

Porto Airport to Bragança, Portugal - Public Transport

There are no direct public transport links between Porto Airport and Bragança.

There is no rail link either between Porto and Bragança.

The best way to get between Porto and Bragança is therefore by long distance bus. You will need to take the Metro or Bus into Porto and then take one of the two long distance bus services from Porto to Bragança:



Depart Arrive Price Operates         Frequency

07:00 10:00 € 14.00 1/10 - 30/6 Monday
09:15 12:40 € 14.00 Except Sundays and Monday if Monday Public Holiday
10:00 13:25 € 14.00 Mondays or Tuesday if following day Public Holiday
10:00 13:25 € 14.00 Fridays and Saturday. Thursdays if following Holiday
11:00 14:25 € 14.00 Daily
12:45 16:15 € 14.00 Daily
14:30 18:00 € 14.00 Daily
16:00 19:25 € 14.00 Daily
17:45 20:30 € 14.00 Sunday (or Monday if public holiday)
17:45 20:30 € 14.00 1/10 - 30/6 Fridays or Thursdays if Friday Public Holiday
17:45 21:15 € 14.00 Diariamente
19:30 22:55 € 14.00 Diariamente
20:30 23:15 € 14.00 1/10 - 30/6 Sunday or Monday if Public Holiday
20:30 23:25 € 14.00 1/10 - 306 Sunday or Monday if Public Holiday
20:30 23:55 € 14.00 Thursdays, Fridays and Sunday. Monday if Holiday
23:00 02:25 € 14.00 Fridays or Thursdays if Friday Public Holiday

The main bus station in Porto from where long distance Rede-Expressos services arrive and depart is:

4000 PORTO

Tel.: 222052459
(2 minutes walking from "Praça da Batalha")

Its location can be found on the following map:

If you use the Metro from the airport, take Line E in direction of Estadio Dragão and descend at the closest station which is Metro Station Bolhão, 5-6 minutes walk from "Praça de Batalha.


Timetable here:

Buses depart from Rodovário Rodonorte, Travessa Passos Manuel 4000 Porto, near Rua Ateneu Comercial do Porto 19, 4000-380 Porto.

If you use the Metro from the airport, take Line E in direction of Estadio Dragão and descend at the closest station which is Metro Station Bolhão, 2-3 minutes distant.

Metro website:

Faro Airport, Algarve - New Hourly Urban Bus Service to Faro - Route 19

The new Faro Urban Bus Network,, has entered service today, 11th June 2013.

A new service, Route 19, has been launched departing Faro Airport, hourly between 05:00 and 24:00, with the exception of 13:00 and 20:00. Buses from Faro Bus Station to the airport also depart at 20 minutes to the hour.

More information can be found on the new Faro Urban Bus Service website -

Schedules for all routes by visiting: and selecting the desired route number. (e.g. Route 19 for the Airport Service) At present, the winter schedule is in service. A new Route 19 summer timetable will come into effect as from 1st July, 2013.

Route 16 (Winter/Summer) and Route 17 (Summer) will also continue to link Faro Airport with Faro Bus Station and Faro Train Station.

This information has been verified by phone with on 11th June 2013.

These developments in the Faro Airport bus service are a substantial marked improvement in the public transport offering in the Algarve and should enable many more visitors to take advantage of the regional Algarve bus and train offering.

Lisbon, Portugal - Public Transport to Freeport Outlet Alcohete

Take a ferry from either Cais de Sodre or Terreiro do Paço Ferry Stations (Metro Terreiro do Paço -near Praça do Comercio) in Lisbon to either:

Montijo/Seixal - Alcochete (Freeport) - Bus TST 412
Barreiro - Alcochete (Freeport) - Bus TST 410
There is also a daily direct bus service from Lisbon Marques de Pombal to Alcochete Freeport Outlet.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Faro, Algarve, Portugal - New Urban/Airport Bus Service

The regional Algarve news paper Sul, reports today in its online edition, that a contract will be signed between the Câmara Municipal de Faro and EVA Transportes on June 11th, 2013 in respect of the introduction into service on a remodelled urban network of 31 new "environmentally" new minibuses.

See (in Portuguese):

In addition, the article reports that a new route will be introduced linking the Airport with the main hotels of Faro, including those located in the suburb of Montenegro.

There is no report yet on the details of the proposed new services.

Ryanair Announces 3 New Comiso Routes To Brussels, London Rome

Ryanair this morning have announced the introduction of three new routes from Comiso Airport in Sicily, Italy. This will also be the launch of Ryanair's 22nd base in Italy.

Ryanair Announces 3 New Comiso Routes To Brussels, London Rome

Algarve - Summer season - flights from Warsaw

Polish charter airline, , is currently operating a weekly schedule from Warsaw, Poland to Faro, Portugal until the end of September 2013.

Although these flights are technically charters and do not appear on the Faro Airport scheduled timetable, tickets can be bought direct for Enterair through their website.

The airline is also appears to be operating charters from Katowice and other Polish Airports to Faro.

This is excellent news as Poland is a market that has long been underdeveloped by Algarve-based Tourist Operators.

Junne 2013 brings historic inflation in of 30% to Lisbon Hotels

Intersting Article in Portuguese magazine - Dinheiro Vivo.

Junho traz inflação histórica de 30% aos hotéis de Lisboa - Dinheiro Vivo

Lisbon hotel prices are reported to have gone up 30% in price on average between March 2013 and June 2013. One hopes this is a real reflection of market conditions.

The same article also reports that Hotels in most other Portuguese towns have dropped or at least maintained 2012 prices.

The only exception, which does not make any sense to me, is Lagos in the far western Algarve where I live. There is plenty of capacity here so I can only think that local hoteliers, like many other businesses in Lagos, are, as usual, being unrealistic!!