Friday, 29 February 2008

Algarve - EN125 - Reconstruction

The Portuguese Prime Minister, Jose Socrate announced in Parliament in Lisbon today that a concession will be let in March 2008 to allow work to start on the reconstruction of the entire EN 125 trunk road that runs along the coast from Vila Real Stª Antonio to Lagos and Sagres.

Article here in Portuguese

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Alicante to Albuferia

There is no easy direct means of public transport between Alicante to Albuferia by air, rail or bus.

Car hire is expensive and inter-country crop-offs attract a severe premium.

There are no direct low cost flight between Alicante and any Portuguese airports. Equally there is no low-cost flight between Alicante and Seville.

There are also no direct trains.

Your best bet would be to take a bus from Alicante to Seville and then another from Seville to Albufeira.

has a bus service that leaves Alicante daily at 23.45 and arrive Seville Plaza das Armas at 09:30 the next day.

If you check Cubsur's site at:

you will find the timetable for Damas services from Seville to Albufeira.

There is a departure at 1615 arriving Albueira at 1940.

Short of major dogslegs via Madrid and Lisbon this is the only direct route by public transport.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Porto/Faro - Algeciras by Coach

The following is the current timetable for the bus service Porto - Algeciras(Porto)

Click on the image to view full size.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

TAP Air Portugal - Worst European Baggage handler 2007 have reported today that TAP Air Portugal was the worst performing airline in Europe when it comes to baggage delays in 2007.

Link here:

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Travel from Lisbon to Malaga

The problem about travelling from Lisbon to Malaga by car is that if it is only one way, the inter-country drop-of charge will be ridiculous.

By air your best bet would be a low cost with Easyjet or on the Lisbon - Madrid sector and then Spanair on the Madrid - Malaga Sector.

Spanish Coach operator

currently have a daily departure at 20:45 arriving Malaga the next morning at 08:45. (Change in Seville.) Current 1 way price - € 59.00.

Note this is the current winter schedule and you should monitor their site for any changes.

Looking for English book stores or exchanges in Algarve.

If you have a hire car, FNAC, the huge French Multimedia, IT and Book Store at the "Algarve Shopping Centre" at Guia near Albufeira, has a large selection of English language books from Pratchett to Pascal.

To get there, head from the A22 motorway from Tavira in the direction of Faro and continue until you come to the IP1 Lisbon/Albufeira off-ramp.

Follow the signes for Albufeira and after +- 150m follow the off ramp in the direction of the EN 125 to Guia.

Algarve Shopping is about 1,5 km down there. Follow the signs.

Note that the cinemas there, often have movies on in English with Portuguese sub-titles. However, most kids movies are dubbed into Portuguese.

Central Lisbon Supermarket

If it is the VIP Eden apartments on Avda. da Liberdade, & address Praça dos Restauradores, nº 24,there is a Pingo Doce supermarket about 200m away at:

Rua do 1 de Dezembro 81

Turn right out of the hotel and head down past the Rossio rail way station on your right.
The main road curves left into Praça do Rossio, but continue straight down the pavement in front of you into Rua do 1 de Dezembro. Pingos is at Nº 81. on the right hand side half way down.

Lisbon to Sintra by Rail

It has been announced in today's Portuguese press that the tunnel linking Rossio/Restauradores Station to the Sintra line which has been closed for the past several years will re-open tomorrow at 13:00,Sunday, 17th February, 2008.

This will once again allow those wanting to visit Sintra to leave from down-town Lisbon instead of having to travel via Entrecampos Station..

Guarda, Portugal to Madrid


We want to travel by train from Guarda in Portugal to Madrid in Spain early April 2008 - is this possible?


Yes it is possible to travel by train from Guarda in Portugal to Madrid.

However, you would have to change trains in either Salamanca (& spend the night) or travel via Lisbon, which is the better option.

There is a departure from Guarda to Lisbon as follows:

IC Nº512 Guarda 13:22 Lisboa Oriente 17:21 Price € 23,00

There is then a departure from Lisbon Oriente to Madrid at 22:09 arriving Madrid the next morning at 08:49.

There is also a bus operated by Eurolines that leaves Guarda at 12:30 daily, arriving Madrid Est. Sur at 19:30.

You can find a link to the Eurolines timetable on my blog at:

On the right side scroll down to the panel entitled:

>> Algarve & Portugal - Travel Transport Links

then scroll down to the item:

>> # Eurolines Spain - Spain Portugal Timetable - Winter 2008

Click on it and you will be able to download the latest Eurolines timetable in pdf format.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Bus Services Lisbon Madrid Andalucia

The Spanish bus company Avanza operates services Lisbon - Badajoz - Madrid as well as services from places such as Ayamonte to Merida.

Their website is:

Restaurant in the Southern Alentejo

About 70km north or Lagos in the delightful village of Stª Clara a Velha one can find Restaurante Casa Pepe.



Alameda Índia, 4/6 • SANTA CLARA-A-VELHA
Tel: 283 882 246
Fax: 283 882 246

A small rural eatery but with great food.

Ideal for a day out in the country.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Route News - Faro Airport - Belfast - Munich

The Portuguese Travel Journal "Turisver" has reported today the following new route:

Lufthansa is considering restarting operations on the Munich - Faro Route. This route has been sorely reduced following the demise of Condor with only Air Berlin and Hapag-Lloyd operating weekly direct services both on Sundays.

Presstur, another local travel journal announced the start of flights three times a week on the Belfast - Faro route by Aer Lingus starting 26th February

Lisbon Airport to Lourinha

Lisbon Airport to Sete Rios is one of those things that should work ....but doesn't. Lisbon has excellent public transport but somehow a direct transport link between these two hubs has been missed.

The nearest direct bus passes 600 metres away and there is no easy pedestrian access...I know I tried it last August en route to Cape Town. With bags etc it is not fun.

You will find a copy of this article with a png image copy of the relevant timetable page for the Rede Expressos Sete Rios - Lourinha service. Click on the images to open them.

Page 1

Page 2

Hope this helps.

Travel from Portugal to Spain and/or Morocco

If you have a home in Figueira da Foz for two weeks why visit Spain and Morocco?

Figueira da Foz is situated almost equidistant between Porto and Lisbon and only 40 kms from the historic University Town of Coimbra.

You can download the Coimbra to Figuera da Foz Train Timetable in pdf format on my blog:

On the right hand side panel scroll down to the section:

>> Algarve & Portugal - Travel Transport Links

At the bottom you will find a link

>> Train Timetable - Coimbra to Figueira da Foz

With a hire car or by train you should have enough to do in these towns and surrounding centres such as Obidos, Alcobaça, Tomar, Batalha, Sintra and Torres Vedras to take up at least a week to two weeks of your time.

Visiting Morocco from here would require a long days (7 to 8 hours) drive to Algeciras, a ferry crossing, a couple of days in somewhere like Tangier and then a ferry crossing and a a long days drive.

Only Royal Air Maroc operate flights from Lisbon to Casablanca. It is not possible to check prices online but I suspect that they will be pricey.

As regards Spain, if you do want to do an excursion, be aware that is it a large country and that there are many beautiful cities and towns to visit.

From Figueira da Foz, I would recommend a route by hire car that took you from there, via the IP1 onto the IP5 through Guarda and then to Salamanca.

This would take about 3 to 4 hours. Salamanca is a wonderful University city and the site of one of the famous Napoleonic War Battles.

Spend the night there - the IBIS Hotel is good. Central and stayed there in December 2007.

Alternatively, you could run North via Porto and Braga and visit Vigo and the famous pilgrimage and University Town of Santiago da Compostela.

Do not forget that there are good intercity bus services in Spain and Portugal.

You can check out some of them on my blog.

Part II/Follow-on comment

Thanks for the rating.

Honestly, there is so much to do in the immediate area as I described, that a Moroccan diversion by air via Madrid on a low cost airline to my way of thinking is a bit of a waste of resources.

Bear in mind that it will take you a day to get to Morocco flying via Madrid - It will take 90 minutes by car to Lisbon Airport, a 2 hour check-in, 1 hour flight - up to 90 minutes on the ground at Madrid Barajas Airport and then a 90 minute flight to your destination and then immigration and then to the hotel. Probably in the order of 7-8 hours minimum provided there are no delays on the Lisbon Madrid route. Remember with low-costs if you buy 2 different sectors and your incoming one is late they will not wait for you and you may have to buy another ticket for the second sector.

Honestly, I do suggest you review the Morocco option.

If want to do other countries/cities why not look at Barcelona which is a great city. You can get low costs daily from Lisbon with ClickAir. Despite your comment, I have just had a look at Clickair's site and they no seem to currently operate Lisbon to Madrid. is low cost airline that operates this route. However, do not buy your ticket yet as there is a real possibility they may merge with ClickAir or another airline in the next few months.

Also bear in mind that Ryanair operate flights to the following destinations from Porto Airport just over 90 minutes from Figueira da Foz by Car which are in or near the towns mentioned:

Bergamo - Italy - 60km from Milan but a wonderful old hilltop city. I was there last year.
Pisa - Italy
Valencia - Spain

Again don't book until nearer the time as Ryanair are renowned for terminating routes without notice. also operate Porto - Milan Malpensa.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

How to get from Seville to Cabanas in Portugal?

I presume by Cabanas you are referring to Cabanas da Tavira, located 8kms from Tavira in the Eastern Algarve.

The trip by public transport from Seville Airport will not be easy.

1) You will need to get the bus from Seville Airport to Seville Stª Justa Train Station.
2) You will then need to get a bus or taxi to the Plaza da Armas bus station.
3) You will then need to catch one of the following buses to Tavira:


Dept. Seville - 15:00
Arrive Tavira - 16:00

Trip Time: 2 hours as Spain 1 hour ahead of Portugal


Dept. Seville - 07:30
Arrive Tavira - 09:25

Trip Time: 2 hours as Spain 1 hour ahead of Portugal

Dept. Seville - 16:15
Arrive Tavira - 18:15

Trip Time: 2 hours as Spain 1 hour ahead of Portugal

Please note that the DAMAS services only operate Monday to Friday in Winter.

The summer timetables will not be out till May 2008.

You should check Cubsur's excellent website at


for the latest bus info.

4) From Tavira you will need to get a taxi or a bus to Cabanas.

Bus Timetables here:

In summary, I suspect that any savings you may making by flying into Seville will be offset by the cost and hassle of the trip by public transport to Cabanas.

I would suggest that you would be better off hiring a car for a week to get you from Seville to Cabanas or else flying into Faro Airport and hiring a car from there.

Note that Cabanas is isolated and as there are no buses at week-ends it could restrict you if you want to get out and about.

You may find more useful nuggets at my blog: