Monday, 26 November 2012

Portugal - Bus - Evora to/vers Lagos, Algarve

Il n'y existe pas actuellement des trains en direct entre Evora et Lagos. Pour deplacer entre ces deux villes, par train, il faut changer des trains aux gares de Pinhal Novo e Tunes. Car il y a, aujourd'hui, des gréves fréquentes sur a ligne ferrovaire de l'Algarve, c'est pas conseiller utiliser ce moyen à voyager entre les deux villes!

Aussi il n'existe pas pendant l'hiver des services direct de autobus quotidien entre Evora et Lagos. Outre que transiter Lisbonne, la seule connexion quotidien entre Evora et Lagos est par Albufeira (Terminal Caliços).

La compagnie Rede Expressos, ( ) a deux départs quotidien sur la trajét Évora - Albufeira (Terminal Caliços).

Evora Albufeira
D 09:00 A 12:15
D 14:30 A 17:45

Ensuite, a partir de l'Albufeira, la compagnie Eva Transportes ( ) a deux départs quotidien avec des connexions pour Lagos.

Albufeira Lagos
D 13:25 A 14:40
D 18:00 A 19:25

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dubai/Lisbon to Fatima

Since July 2012, Emirates have been operating daily flights from Dubai to Lisbon.

EK 191
Dept DBX: 09:45
Arr. LIS:  14:30

On arrival in Lisbon, there are two direct route by public transport to Fatima, both by bus:

a) Rede Expressos -

Take the Aerobus Line 2 from Lisbon Airport to Sete Rios Bus Station. The stop is just outside the Arrivals Hall behind the Lisbon Tourism Booth. The service runs every 30 minutes from 07:30 to 22.00

From Lisbon Sete Rios Bus Station a Rede Expressos bus to Fatima. There are regular departures through out the day between 07:00 and 20:00. Transit time is 90min.

b) Citi-Express -

Citi-Express  also operate from Lisbon Gare Oriente to Fatima 2 to 4 times daily. Services on this company's lines 4,5 and 7 depart from the Bus Station at Gare Oriente. Tickets are available from bus ticket office 8.

Timetables here:

To get to Gare Oriente, on exiting the T1 Arrival Hall at Lisbon Airport, turn left proceed down the ramp, and bear right at the bottom. On the left there are glass doors leading to the entrance to the Metro Station!

Buy a ticket and proceed two stops to Gare Oriente. The Bus station is on the ground floor.

It is not recommended taking trains to Fatima as the station at Caxarias is several kilometres from the sanctuary and local buses are not frequent (max. 7 per day).

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Buying Bicycles in Lisbon, Portugal

For Bicycles, try Here you go: In central Lisbon, they have shops at Centro Colombo Shopping Mall, Vasco da Gama Shopping Mall, (by Gare Oriente Station), and Chiado.

Portugal - How welcome are tourists

As long as you arrive and travel with a polite and calm confident attitude, you will be generally quietly welcome wherever you travel in Portugal.

There is a very famous Portuguese song "Casa Portuguesa" that really does describe and the warmth of the Portuguese. Made famous Amalia Rodrigues, here is an unofficial translation of the lyrics, I recently made for a private party we held in Lagos for visiting friends and where a live fado singer sang a wonderful rendition of this song.

"One is always well in Portuguese home, bread and wine on the table, and, if someone gently knocks on the door, they sit with all at the table.

It's good, this sincerity, it's good, which one cannot deny, the happiness of poverty lies in this great richness of giving and being content.

Four whitewashed walls, a sweet smell of rosemary, a bunch of golden grapes two roses in a garden,

a tile of of St. Joseph and the sun of springtime… a promise of kisses… two open arms waiting for me…

This is a Portuguese home, certainly! This is, surely, a Portuguese home!

In the simple comfort of my home, there is the plenty of affection. the curtain of the window is the moonlight but the sun that shines on it, even a little, a very little is enough to cheer such a simple existence

It's just love, bread and wine and cabbage soup, so green bubbling in the bowl. One is always well in Portuguese home, bread and wine on the table, if someone gently knocks on the door, they sit with all at the table.

It's good, this sincerity, it's good, which one cannot deny, the happiness of poverty lies in this great richness of giving and being content. "

... and here is a youtube link to a young Portuguese lady, Beatriz Costa, who a few years ago won a nationally televised talent show, singing "Casa Portuguese"

Enjoy your visit!

Lisbon to Gibraltar

Hiring a car is not necessarily the best! There is no rail service. Your best option is probably the bus service operated by - There are departures as follows: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Lisboa Sete Rios - depart 13:30 Sevilla (est.prado) - arrive 21:30 Daily: Lisboa Sete Rios - depart 21:30 Sevilla (est.prado) - arrive 06:15 Transit time: 9h 00min Price:37.0€ From Sevilla Prado de San Sebastián Bus Station, get the T.G. Comes bus that runs to La Linea and walk across the frontier. Transit time: 4hrs. Timetable here: TAP - Air Portugal operate daily from Lisbon to Sevilla. However, one-way prices are in the region of € 300 to € 400. You would then need to get from Seville Airport to the Prado de San Sebastián, Sevilla, then the T G Comes bus to La Linea.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Rock Music courses in the Algarve

Assuming your son has some competency in Portuguese, the well-established and respected state supported "Academia de Música de Lagos", which also operates in Portimão and Lagos, started a "RockSchool" course this academic year. See: +

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Fotos antigos do Lagos, Algarve, Portugal. Photos of old Lagos,Algarve,Portugal.


Public Transport from Rota/Cadiz/Jerez de la Frontera, Spain to Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal

You need to get a bus or train from Jerez de la Frontera or Cadiz to Sevilla then bus to Albufeira. T.G. Comes operate a bus service(Línea M-905:) from Rota to Estación autobuses Prado de San Sebastián, Sevilla. See: You will need to then get a local Tussam Bus (C4) to Estación autobuses Plaza das Armas, Sevilla. From Plaza das Armas you will need to get a bus with either one of the following two operators: 1) Damas/EVA - Twice daily service - Dept: Sevilla 07:30* Arr: Albufeira 10:55 Dept: Sevilla 16:15* Arr: Albufeira 19:40 2) Dept: Sevilla ( Plaza De Armas ) 15:00 Arr: Albufeira 17:45 Dept: Sevilla ( Plaza De Armas ) 23:59 Arr: Albufeira 02:45 +1día Most Long Buses arrive at Albufeira Bus Station which is a bit out of town. You may need to get a cab to your final destination. For more info see the Algarve - Spain page on Cubsur's excellent site here: http//

Porto to Paris

Your flight to Hong Kong is more than likely from Paris CDG airport There are flights from to Paris CGD from Porto as well as from Paris Orly, Paris Beauvais and Paris Vatry. If leaving Paris CDG or Orly, depending upon arrival time, you will hopefully be able to get a flight from Porto to the airport you need for your ongoing flight without changing airports. In any event, I would strongly not recommend changing airports in Paris, unless absolutely necessary, as one needs to allow a minimum of 4 to 5 hours to do so depending on the time of day. Airlines operating from Porto to Paris are as follows: Paris CDG - Paris Orly - TAP - Transavia - Aigle-Azur - Paris Beauvais - Paris Vatry -

Transavia lança Lisboa – Paris Orly a 27 de abril 2013

Transavia lança Lisboa – Paris Orly a 27 de abril 2013 Transavia to operate Lisbon - Paris Orly from April 2013

easyJet anuncia lucros de 317 milhões de libras

easyJet anuncia lucros de 317 milhões de libras

Easyjet announces profits of UK£ 317mn.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Self-Storage in Portimão, Western Algarve.

Useful! Self-Service Storage in Portimão, Western Algarve. Muito utíl! Armazens "Self-Service" em Portimão.

Ace Of Space . pt

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Algarve - Tourism/Flights Promotion 2013

The Associação Turismo do Algarve (ATA)has announced that it is to spend 4,5 million Euros in 2013 on enhancing existing air routes and promoting new air routes to Faro. In addition, to reinforcing product promotion in existing markets, it is reported that efforts will be made to develop routes to Spain, Poland and Russia. Article here:

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Find Parking, Car Parks, Street Parking, Private Garages - Book Parking - Parkopedia

A very useful resource:

Find Parking, Car Parks, Street Parking, Private Garages - Book Parking - Parkopedia

Central Lisbon Parking

I would strongly recommend NOT taking a car into central Lisbon as there are constantly increasing traffic control measures, that make life complicated, including one that bans any vehicle more than 20 years old from entering the central zone. However, if one must, and if one is staying in the Restauradores, Rossio, Praça Figueira area, there are two underground public car parks. One is situated under Praça Figueira itself and the other at the bottom of Avda Liberdade, by Restauradores. I know from experience that some better hotels are able to offer preferential parking rates in the latter.

Chinese supermarket - Algarve

Not sure but I do know that the Jumbo Hypermarket in Aqua Shopping, Portimão has an entire display section with Chinese and Japanese foods and condiments! On entering the shop, head to the back left of the premises by the butchery. It's in that area.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Walk Lisbon's Famous Aqueduct

An excellent article here on Lisbon's 18th Century aqueduct and how to walk across it:

Ryanair - New Portugal - Germany Routes

Have just received information that Ryanair will be operating the following new routes as from the end of March 2012. Faro to Leipzig - Germany - 2 x week Faro to Cologne/Koln - Germany - 4 x week Porto – Nuremberg - 2 x week Source: (in Portuguese)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Flights from Madeira to the Canary Islands

SATA Açores Airline operate Funchal to Gran Canaria twice a week.

Prices for end of November don't look to bad!

Madrid - Jerez - Salema - Lisbon

I would therefore recommend one of the two following options:
1) Hire a car in Madrid, Drive it to Jerez, then to Salema, then Lisbon. Put it in the Long Term Car Park at Lisbon Airport while you are in Madeira, then drive back to Madrid. Bear in mind that this routing will incur substantial tolls on the Portuguese Motorways. (Incl. electronic ones on the Algarve spinal Via de Infante A22.) Also bear in mind when renting a car to specify automatic if you are not conversant with manual shift.
2) If you want to do the trip by public transport, then take the AVE from Madrid via Seville to Jerez. Return to Seville by bus or train. Overnight in Seville. Take daily morning DAMAS/EVA buses from Seville to Faro/Lagos, in the Algarve. Either hire a car in Faro/Lagos or take the regular EVA bus to Salema.
2 days later, take the bus back to Lagos and then train/bus to Lisbon or drive from Salema to Lisbon.
Bear in mind a one-way hire will incur a drop-off fee. For this type of rental, I suggest Auto-Jardim or Europcar as both have offices in Lagos and Faro. In Faro bear in mind to specify pick-up at the TOWN office. Otherwise you will have to trail out to the airport to pick up a car.

Transport Publique entre Porto et Guimarães

Il y a, chaque deux/trois heures, un service "shuttle"/ autobus entre l'aeroport de Porto et Guimaraẽs Horaire: Sinon, il existe une "Tramway" entre l'aeroport et le gare Porto Campanha. Le dureé du voyage est plus au moins 45 minutes. Site: Les trains partent chaque heure pour Guimarães avec une dureé de transit de 1hr 15mins. Site: Il doit être averti que, actuellement, il existe toujours les possibilités des gréves sur les chemins des fers et le tramway.

10 days in Portugal in January

The Algarve is not exactly clement in January! I live here. The far western Algarve does have spectacular coastal scenery, (you would need a car) and we do do rental apartments here. I would suggest if your mind was really set on it, head for Lagos rather than Tavira. Alternatively, I would plan on a trip that took in Lisbon and environs, Coimbra, Porto, (possibly including day trips to Braga, Guimarães or up the Douro River on a wine tasting tour. ). Given the cost and hassle of fuel, tolls and the likely weather in January, I would suggest to plan to travel by long distance coach. The train service between the above centres is good BUT given the current and anticipated penchance of the local rail workers unions to announce stoppages at short notice, plan on using coach travel. Further, if you do end up hiring a car, be aware that most rental vehicles this side of the pond are manual shift. If you require a automatic shift remember to specify this when reserving and be prepared to pay a premium. As regards apartments, also bear in mind that there are excellent reasnably priced Pensão/small Hotels throughout the land. In Coimbra, I would recommend Residencial Victoria andin Lisbon, the Portuense and Florescente near Rossio, If you do visit the Algarve and come to Lagos, have a look at the Vila Galé Hotel, the Marina Club ApartHotel and the Hotel Marina Rio, all of which will probably have excellent offers on in January via

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Norwegian - Gatwick - Faro - from April 2013.

Norwegian, the Scandanavian low cost operator is opening a base at London Gatwick Airport in April 2013. They will be operating a weekly flight to Faro on Saturdays. See: (in portuguese)