Presently, there is a daily service calling at both bus stations in Sevilla.
The service departs Sevilla Est. Autobus Prado San Sebastian at 23:30, and Est, Autobus Plaza das Armas at 23:59 and arrives Lisboa Sete Rios Bus Station(Metro Jardim Zoologico) at 06:30. (Clocks go back an hour en route)
At present, there is also a service on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, leaving Prado at 14:30 and arriving Lisbon Sete Rios at 21:45.
It is also possible to take the daily EVA/DAMAS bus service to Faro and then take a train or bus to Lisbon.
There are departures as follows:
Sevilla Plaza das Armas: 07:30 Faro 10:10
Sevilla Plaza das Armas: 15:15 Faro 18:55
As regards connecting trains to Lisbon, only the morning service has a connection at present:
Faro Train Station is about 3 minutes walk from Faro Bus Station.
Train times: Faro: 13h41 Lisbon Entrecampos: 16h57
As regards buses from Faro to Lisbon - Sete Rios, the morning bus connects with the EVA bus departing at 11:00 arriving 14:15. The afternoon bus connects with the EVA Bus departing 19:00 and arriving 22:15.