Monday, 31 August 2015

Spain - Railways Museums - Tren de la Fresa

A great site here:

Madrid's railways museum and information on the Tren de la Fresa (Strawberry Train) between the Madrid Atocha and Aranjuez.

More here:

New Faro local/urban Bus Station opens 7 September 2015. | Sul Informação via @Linkis_com

Novo terminal rodoviário para urbanas de Faro abre a 7 de Setembro | Sul Informação via @Linkis_com

The new Bus Station for local urban services for the city of Faro, in the Algarve region of Portugal opens 7 September 2015.

Inter-regional, long-distance and International services to Spain will continue to operate from the old bus station next door..

Brasov, Romaina - Oktoberfest Brașov 2015! via @Linkis_com

Transilvania news reports that, (a bit early), that Oktoberfest in the lovely city of Brasov in Romania will be held between 3 – 13 September, 2015. Wish I was going to be in Brasov again at that time!

Entry free!

Oktoberfest Brașov 2015! Bere la litru și cârnați de juma’ de metru! Vezi programul! |... via @Linkis_com

Very Interesting Aug 15 FT Article on the Algarve Property Market via @Linkis_com via @Linkis_com

Some interesting data on the recovery in the Algarve property market et l'importance des acheteurs français dans l'animation du marché immobiliere.

Los 25 abusos más frecuentes en restaurantes - via @Linkis_com

Los 25 abusos más frecuentes en restaurantes - via @Linkis_com

Really Interesting article in Spanish by Sevilla Actualidad reporting on a consumer group's study of client abuse by restaurants in Seville, Spain

The French do Lisbon – POLITICO via @Linkis_com

The French do Lisbon – POLITICO via @Linkis_com

Interesting article on Politico about the French mini-migration to Portugal.

This confirms the theory that I espoused back in 2011-2012, that the Arab spring would close off traditional vacation destinations in the Maghreb to the French Market and that they would start looking at Portugal as a destination.