Friday, 25 May 2007

Lagos to Madrid - Train/Ryanair

Am in Madrid for the week-end.

Left Lagos on the 08:19 train.

En route the the train was delayed by line works and arrived Faro 10:20 - 15 minutes late. Cost € 6.40

Missed the 10:15 bus to the airport.

Got the 11:15 bus and arrived Faro Airport 11:40.

Inward Ryanair plane was 25 minutes late and we were 20 minutes late out. Nonetheless the schedule allows for this.

We arrived Madrid Barajas on time at 15:55.

Load Factor on a 198 seat Boeing 737-800 was +- 40%

Flights come into Madrid Barajas Terminal !/2/3.

Complete chaos at Airport. Taxis go where they want to go not where you want to go. I would suggest that the Metro is the best way into town. Be aware that even the staff at the airport Info desks not very helpful on local knowledge evn in Spanish.

Best option for help is the Comunidad de Madrid Tourism Desk in Terminal 1 and the Post Office. (Correos)

Guys, we need to supper this connection to Madrid so that we don't lose it. Its a useful link for inward tourism and gettting out of the Algarve on multi-point vacations.

Returning Monday/Tuesday by bus.

Will write report accordingly.