Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Lisbon to Obidos.

Rodoviária do Tejo operate an express service from Lisbon Campo Grande (Metro) that takes about 1 hr. 10 minutes.

Web site.


Weekday Buses leave at:

08:15:00 AM
09:30:00 AM
12:00:00 PM
01:15:00 PM
03:45:00 PM
05:15:00 PM
06:15:00 PM
08:15:00 PM
09:00:00 PM

They return at:

07:05:00 AM
08:40:00 AM
11:10:00 AM
04:10:00 PM
06:00:00 PM

At weekends and on holidays:

Leave Lisbon:

11:00:00 AM
04:45:00 PM
07:15:00 PM


07:55:00 AM
02:55:00 PM

There are also train services but from memory the station is a bit of a way out of town and you will have to get a taxi to the town itself if there is one there!