Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Madrid to Lagos by Plane/Bus - Report

As I reported a couple of days ago went up to Madrid by Ryanair last Friday from Faro.

I left Lagos on the 08:19 and arrived Faro 15 minutes late as several of the bridges en route are being painted and there are currently spped restrictions in place.

Missed the 10:15 Airport bus from Faro bus station 150m from the rail station. Had breakfast and then caught the 11:15 which got me to the airport at 11.35.

Flight was 15 minutes late boarding and 20 late airborne. Beautiful take-off over Faro Island and banking round over the deep-blue Atlantic before heading inland over Eastern Algarve.

Crossed the border into Spain over the Guadiana at Alcoutim which was clearly visible from the air. Cloud cover then moved in and by the time we arrived at Madrid Barajas it was raining.

Flight arrived on schedule. Shows how much "flexibility" is built into timetables.

Note that taxis at Madrid Barajas airport are a pain. If you are booked into any hotels near the airport with no shuttle service it is practially impossible to get a cab as they all want to go into the center because they get better fares. We ended up having to walk to the IBIS - not far but a pain.

I returned Madrid - Lagos by bus as I had quite a bit to carry.

Caught the 22:00 Madrid - Ayamonte Socibus Service from Estacion del Sur (Metro: Mendes Alvaro - Line 6 Circular). Cost Euro 23:50.

Bus arrived Ayamonte 06:30. Caught the 09:45 from Ayamonte to Lagos. Arrived 12:00 Portuguese time. Ambushed as usual coming off the bus by the rent-a-room mafia who after all the years I've lived here still don't remember me! :)

Cost Euro 11:00

Trip was fine albeit tiring. It should be possible to leave Madrid an hour later and catch the Lagos bus in Seville but I did not want to chance the ticket office in Seville not be open at 05.00 a.m. at Plaza das Armas.