Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Internet access or wi fi in the Caldas area

Portugal Telecom (PT WIFI) has hotspots installed in Caldas da Rainha at the Post Office and McDonalds. Cost varies between Euro 5 for an hour and Euro 50 per week.

As far as I know there is no city wide wifi available at present. Check with you ISP in Ireland to see if they have a reciprocal arrangement with and ISP's in Portugal.

As far as I am aware, at present, the Portuguese ISP's offering mobile wifi (Vodafone, TMN, Kangaru and ZAPP) only offer such services on a 12 month contract sign-up on on a reciprocal roaming basis.

If you have a phone line where you are in Caldas you could subscribe to the SAPO ADSL Free option which essentially is pay on demand.

Details here:

Hope this helps.