Saturday, 21 July 2007

Travel from Carvoeiro to Seville (Cadiz)

Whoooa There!

Seville and Cadiz are totally two different cities 130kms apart.

To get to Carvoeiro from Cadiz you have to pass through Seville. The distance is approximately 370km each way.

With the usual traffic congestion in the area of Seville and stops you could be looking at 4 hours 30 minutes each way.

It also depends when you are travelling. If in June, July, August, early September, temperatures in the area of Seville can top 40ºC during the day. It would therefore be politic to have a car with air conditioning or start very early circa 5:00 a.m. to beat the heat.

As cruise ships only tend to layover for a day or two it might be better to meet in somewhere like Seville which is 2:30 min to 3 hr. from Carvoeiro.