Monday, 3 September 2007

2 Days Algarve, 4 Days Seville, Granada/ Gibraltar?

Firstly, you are planning to do far to much in one week. Note Granada is well east of Seville and your return trip to Tangier will be stressful as indicated by Cubsur.

You don't indicate what time you are arriving in Lisbon so the following suggestions are conditional.

1) Take a taxi from Lisbon Airport to Gare Oriente Bus Station.

2) I suggest you go to Granada first and then work you way back.
You will need at least two days there to do the Alhambra, The Cathedral and generally enjoy the place.

Until 30th September 2007 there is a overnight coach departure from Lisbon Gare de Oriente Coach Station to Granada.

Lis GO Departs: 20:45
Granada Arrives: 09:00 (next day.)

Operated by


3) Then take a bus from Granada to Seville.
Again you willl need a couple of days to the Cathedral, Alcazar and the other main sites.

4) From Seville take a bus to Tavira.

see cubsur's excellent web site for more info:
6) From Tavira to Lagos use the train or Bus.

7) From Lagos to Lisbon take the train or EVA bus.

Have a look at my blog where I keep a lot of past posts on these areas as well as links to timetables.