Monday, 5 May 2008

Another Tragic Algarve British Child Incident

The BBC this morning reports that two British children aged 6 and 2 were taken into temporary care by social services in the Algarve, on Friday night, after hotel staff became very concerned at the fact that both their parents collapsed drunk.

The BBC report can be found here:

As of 10:39 this a.m. google news was listing 19 reports of the affair.


It was reported on the Portuguese TV news last night and yesterday's national "Correio da Manha" reported the affair here:

This occurred on the week-end of the anniversary of the Mccann affair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the hell were the parents thinking off?

I rarely make political or social comment on this blog.

However, over the years, I have to confess that I am increasingly ashamed and would really prefer not to be British.

The crass Sangria/Vinho/Beer/Sun obsessed / Obesity encouraging hedonistic activities of many Brits at home, and internationally, make me feel increasingly like ceasing to be a subject of Her Majesty.

The British complain about Americans, and with Dubya and Cheney in the White House who can complain. However, when are the British going to take the logs out of their own eyes and see themselves as world sees them!

The problem is not restricted to younger Brits. On March 20th this year the BBC published this article about "Saga Louts":

Not a few days later walking across the car park in Lagos to the car at 10:30 at night there were 2 British couples staggering their way somewhere. The two women were so far going that one actually staggered a metre into my path even though I tried to avoid it.

The Portuguese Press over the past 24 hours have been reporting on the issue and not favourably:

As of 10:39 this a.m. google news portugal was listing 17 reports of the affair.


I am tired of the crass hedonistic xenophobic attitude exhibited by many Brits when abroad.

At least, the Portuguese Hotel Staff and authorities did something and took care of the kids.

When is Britain as a nation going to have leaders who are going to confront the masses with there own sad image as a society, and get people to take responsibility for themselves and show respect to others?

ADDENDUM: 6th May 2008.

I am pleased to see that the Portuguese Authorities have decided to pursue this matter further.

Even if the parents in this case are not charged, it will hopefully(perhaps, albeit forlornly) send a message to people to enjoy their holidays but be responsible, particularly if they have kids with them.

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