Monday, 7 July 2008

Marvão to Caceres

Since the rerouting of the Lusitania comboio Hotel Lisbon to Madrid service, there have been questions about how to get from Marvão in the Alentejo to Caceres in Spain.

I have made contact with the tourist posts in each centre and can confirm as follows:

1) There is currently no bus/train link between Marvão and Spain.

2) From Marvão one can get a taxi to Valencia de Alcántara, 24km away in Spain.

2) From Valencia de Alcántara there are buses to Caceres as follows:

Monday to Friday - Dept: 7:30H, 10:00h and 15:30

Sat. 7:30H

Sun. 17:15h

Details correct at time of writing.