Saturday, 9 August 2008

Living in Sagres

Sagres is effectively a small village. It is great in summer and on sunny winter days but it is situated at the end of a small peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic. It has its own micro-climate and as one can see from the terrain very few trees because it is so wind-swept.

There is a health centre there, but the nearest hospital of size is this private one in Lagos or the public one in Portimão. That having been said, from Tavira, one would have to go to Faro/Olhão for a sizeable hospital and many services and large shops

There are a couple of local Alisuper supermarkets in Sagres and a bakery. A Lidl has just opened in Vila de Bispo, which is the district town, 8kms away. Be aware for all dealings with authorities one would have to go generally to Vila de Bispo. There is a Ecomarche at Budens, half way to Sagres but for large items and things like dental care, Lagos would be your nearest.