Saturday, 9 August 2008

Portugal - Metro / Light rail systems

At the present time, I am not aware of any green-site metro projects in Portugal.

However, there are several expansion projects in hand for the three main metro systems and one project to convert a rail ine to light rail.

At present there are three operating Metro/MetroLRT systems in Portugal and one project just about to start awarding contracts.

1) Metropolitano de Lisboa.

Cut and cover third-rail system first started in 1958. Currently has two line extensions under construction and long term plans for a further three extensions.

Website here in English:

2) Metro do Porto

Light Rail system serving Porto, Portugal's second city. Operations began a few years ago. 7 Lines.

Website here in English:

The website does not show any indications of future works but at least two recent press reports in the Portuguese press indicate that line extensions are planned.

See: (Both in Portuguese)


3) Metro Transportes de Sul

This a light rail system being developed to serve the suburbs of Lisbon south of the Tagus.

First lines enter service last year and the system is currently being expanded.

Website here in Portuguese:

4) Metro Mondego

Serving the Mondego valley area from Coimbra, this project envisages converting an existing full gauge line to Light Rail and developing a network form there.

Website here:

Also always keep an eye on this site which may from time to time have nuggets of useful info.