Sunday, 21 December 2008

Comment on Airports Serving the Algarve

I concur. Faro Airport is already seeing a decrease in frequencies, destinations served and traffic.

With Beja Airport ready for ops in the next year, the new Lisbon Airport at Alcochete only going to be 1hr. 45min by car from the Algarve, and Huelva considering building an airport, I cannot see how an airport in the Portimão/Lagos area would be profitable. Indeed Faro Airport itself would be economically at threat with all these potential alternatives.

What is really needed is services from Faro to other destinations to open new markets. Low Cost flights to Paris, Porto, Lyon, Milan and Madrid, and perhaps Helsinki, Budapest, Warsaw and Toronto/Montreal would certainly broaden the region's appeal and catchment area, essential at present if we are going to see a substantial downturn in arrivals from the UK owing to teh downturn and the £/€ rate.

However, methinks that the new race track near Portimão/Mex Grande will be an influential factor in a decision for a local airport.