Thursday, 18 December 2008

Forum: - Do not use

If you are thinking of using a forum dealing with the Algarve to find out information, I strongly do not recommend using

Their rules on providing useful information are such that is quite impossible to post anything useful. More than once I have tried to post sensible credible information published on this forum in response to questions by their members and have been booted by the moderator. This morning there was a question from a member about 3G PAYG Internet in Portugal. I posted a link to the article about this on my blog which provides a synopsis of the current operators in Portugal. It was booted. I have no such problem with other expats forums in the Algarve.

Also, you cannot use their private message system till you have posted three times. If you can't post private messages till you've posted three messages approved by a moderator, it's barmy.

So their member who could have found my info useful has lost out.

I recommend avoiding this particular forum.