Friday, 27 March 2009

Lagos - September Festival?

I'm a bit bemused by this one and would like to know your source.

According to the List of Portuguese Public Holidays for 2009, there is no national holiday on this date.

The only annual local holiday I am aware of is the

"Dia do Município e Feriado Municipal celebra-se a 27 de Outubro" or local muncipal holiday - 27th October, 2009.

I have confirmed this on the Council's website here:

Anyway, apart from when the council closing down the main Avenida for sports rallies, or as of this morning, for trying accidentally totally gridlock Lagos by allowing the new river front works to accidentally block the road on a busy Friday morning, we are usually in business 24/7, 365 days a year.

There are all sorts of small fairs and bits and pieces year round, but prices do not go up and we are usually fairly laid back.

The busy season usually starts to tail off around the last week in August. There will plenty of beach space for you.

Be aware that you will have at least a 1km walk or a bus trip from the Marina Club to the nearest beach..however, there will be plenty of space.

The building works around the Marina Club are all finished for now, with the exception of the desultory snail-pace interior kitting out of the Encosta da Marina complex on the other side of the roundabout. However, there is very little visible work ongoing at present.

I would warn, however, that despite the current economic crisis, the Council and local developers are still pushing on with various developments. No telling what mischief they are going to get up to until it starts, and you find a dirty great dozer trundling along your road.