Monday, 11 May 2009

Lagos or Vilamoura?

Vila Gale is just round the corner from us. Will post a report shortly.

To be honest with the roads dug up both in the town of Lagos and now the main Meia Praia road, (just in front of the Vila Gale) (500m dirt diversion), I really have to say to people to give Lagos centre and Meia Praia a miss this summer. It is likely that the folks using the new pool at the Vila Gale will have to put up with sand and dirt being blown over from the ongoing road works outside.

The Camara (local council) have made a complete dog's breakfast of the planning and time scheduling of major local works, including the redevelopment of the riverfront and Meia Praia Rd. The Mayor's quoted response to local business during a recent meeting was that .."these works are in the public interest"....

If you heading for Torraltinha and the Porto de Mos area of Lagos there should be no problem.

However, the riverfront development and the redevelopment of the old dirt car-park together with a rampant ongoing blocking of parking spaces, means that I really have to suggest that trying to take a car into Lagos centre, even at night, this year is a no-no.

The projects in Lagos are due for completion by year-end.

However, based on my limited knowledge of engineering projects, I would suggest that we will be lucky if the town is approaching normal by this time next year.

If you are visiting Lagos by public transport it will be OK, with the exception of the eyesore of the works along the river front.

I love Lagos and would normally recommend it anytime over Vilamoura. However, in all honestly, we are in for a right rum summer season her in Lagos.

Can I suggest you also have a look at the options of Tavira, Monte Gordo and the Eastern Algarve.