Monday, 8 June 2009

Carparking in Lagos

Regrettably, I concur.

I have to say that thanks to a complete lack of understanding of project planning and the necessities of a business/town whose economy is based on tourism, the local council has made the "mother of all dogs' breakfasts" with regards to the provision of easy private vehicular access to central Lagos this summer.

They themselves have finally admitted it by recently mounting dirty great big fluorescent signs at the ends of the Avenida advising people to look for alternative parking.

For someone who has mobility difficulties, I regret to say that the Marina option is probably the only reasonable one and then only if they have a electric powered wheelchair as the Marina is a good 800m from the centre of town.

Regret to have to say this as I live here but if you are coming by car stay well clear of downtown Lagos this summer.