Monday, 22 June 2009

Pedestrian access to Meia Praia - Latest

Some late breaking not so good news.

Following the completion of the Vila Gale Hotel, I noticed last week that earthworks had started in the area behind Dunas and stretching to the Meia Praia Petrol Station.

Tonight, I noticed that the contractors have now started to put up panel fencing around this large area.

I took a drive around the area. All the parking behind the Petrol Station has been fenced off and in the direction of Dunas there are surveyors pegs and substantial earthworks.

I regret to say that it might be quite possible during the next weeks that the whole area may be closed off and that there will be no way to get to the beach by foot that way over the railway line.

It will then be back to either the Duna Beach Club Route or the Railway Station.