Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Strange Night Lights over Lagos - 8th June 2009

Last night while returning from dinner at the Aqualuz at 23:15, I noticed a triangular formation of 3, what appear to be, orange (halogen) lights in the sky above the Fortaleza area of Lagos. I pulled the car over , my partner and I got out and were surprised to see two more similar formations following these three lights. It was a full moon last night as well.

The following points were noticeable:

1) The three formations where almost the same trianglar shape and size. Total number of lights seen = 9.
2) They moved from appeared to be North to South before disappearing, not on the horizon but because they appear to bank.
3) There was not sign of navigation lights - flashing or other, only a strong orange light.
4) There was no sound of engines. This suggests that the formations were at a high altitude.

We did not see any black helicopters nor men in black suits with RayBans and silver pens. We did not experience loss of electrics nor halos nor a sense of being abducted.

At least one other couple stopped in the car park on the hill above the Fortaleza and watched the formations for at least three minutes.

Did any one else see this phenomenon?

Any idea what this was?

My thoughts -

1) Night time High Altitude Helicopter training?
2) Unmanned drone training - pehaps out of the US Air Force Base at Lajes in the Azores?
3) Problems with the eyesight of 4 people?
4) Three large top secret spook aircraft - (e.g. Aurora)
5) UFO's --- no can't be .... but then....

Please post any comments and ideas.

»»»»Update 24th June 2009««««««

See this latest comment by Woodentop on the following page:


My musings following Woodentops comments as follows:

"Sounds very similar to my sighting...again not a drop of medronho passed my lips!

There is something going on here, especially if there are objects floating around without red and green navigation lights but in a fixed formation..

Timing is within 20 minutes of the ones I saw on 8th June 2009 over Lagos. Due South was the direction they were heading in as well.

Something just clicked in my mind and I have just done a check of United States Air Force Stations in Spain.

There is one at Moron de Frontera about 80kms SE of Seville. If you draw a straight line from there, over Lagos and continue West, you arrive practically dead over the Azores where the USAF use the base at Lajes. However, this is an East-West route and the path of the lights/orbs was North to South.

Me wonders if this a "Men in Black/Area 51" type USAF recon aircraft (Shades of the SR51 Blackbird - but much slower - perhaps a special reconaissance drone on a training op) operating from one of these two bases?

»»»»Update 25th June 2009««««««

What intrigues me is that the each of the three x three lights I saw were moving in relation to each other which suggests a craft of some type or three craft with very good guidance systems on board.

I am not into the Chinese Lantern option as these would be affected by wind/atmospheric conditions and in theory should move about a bit in relation to each other.

Overnight, I also wondered about he possibility that these lights are somehow generated from the ground or sea using laser technology. Maybe some mad Peter Sellers-type Dr. Strangelove sitting on his yacht offshore or in his villa and beaming the lights up.

Await more reports / sightings with interest.

N.B.: Now just seen this article! http://www.kidderminstershuttle.co.uk/news/local/4455565._Orange_lights__in_Stourport_sky/

»»»»Update 10th July 2009««««««

Just seen this article from the US with some interesting recent reports of similiar sightings: